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impressive-gettransitions - Generate Impressive info scripts for LaTeX presentations


impressive-gettransitions FILE.tex


A simple script to produce a .info file for use with Impressive, using special comments in
a LaTeX/Beamer file. FILE.tex is a file to be parsed into .info file. For each
/fullpath/blah.tex /fullpath/blah.pdf.info gets produced.


In the LaTeX document, impressive-gettransitions counts the pages to determine the PDF
slide number of each one.

The simpler page changes are automatically detected, that is:
\begin{frame} and:

Other, more elaborated page changes must be noted with a %O comment:
\item<1-> Foo
\item<2-> Bar %O

The transition to apply can be specified in a %O comment:
\begin{frame} %O SlideUp


When the .info file corresponding to the LaTeX document already exist, impressive-
gettransitions does not clear it, but only adds the transitions if finds to it.

Thus, if you modified your document in a way that requires to completely replace the
transitions, manually clear the PageProps section of the .info file. This can be done by
running the following sed command:
sed -i -e "/^PageProps = {/,/^}/d" FILE.info

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