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ionadmin - ION node administration interface


ionadmin [ commands_filename | . ]


ionadmin configures, starts, manages, and stops the ION node on the local computer.

It configures the node and sets (and reports on) global operational settings for the DTN
protocol stack on the local computer in response to ION configuration commands found in
commands_filename, if provided; if not, ionadmin prints a simple prompt (:) so that the
user may type commands directly into standard input. If commands_filename is a period
(.), the effect is the same as if a command file containing the single command 'x' were
passed to ionadmin -- that is, the ION node's rfxclock task is stopped.

The format of commands for commands_filename can be queried from ionadmin by entering the
command 'h' or '?' at the prompt. The commands are documented in ionrc(5).

Note that ionadmin always computes a congestion forecast immediately before exiting. The
result of this forecast -- maximum projected occupancy of the DTN protocol traffic
allocation in ION's SDR database -- is retained for application flow control purposes: if
maximum projected occupancy is the entire protocol traffic allocation, then a message to
this effect is logged and no new bundle origination by any application will be accepted
until a subsequent forecast that predicts no congestion is computed. (Congestion
forecasts are constrained by horizon times, which can be established by commands issued to
ionadmin. One way to re-enable data origination temporarily while long-term traffic
imbalances are being addressed is to declare a congestion forecast horizon in the near
future, before congestion would occur if no adjustments were made.)


"0" Successful completion of ION node administration.


Enter interactive ION configuration command entry mode.

ionadmin host1.ion
Execute all configuration commands in host1.ion, then terminate immediately.

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