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ipa-join - Join a machine to an IPA realm and get a keytab for the host service principal


ipa-join [-d|--debug] [-q|--quiet] [-u|--unenroll] [-h|--hostname hostname] [-s|--server
hostname] [-k|--keytab filename] [-w|--bindpw password] [-b|--basedn basedn] [-?|--help]


Joins a host to an IPA realm and retrieves a kerberos keytab for the host service
principal, or unenrolls an enrolled host from an IPA server.

Kerberos keytabs are used for services (like sshd) to perform kerberos authentication. A
keytab is a file with one or more secrets (or keys) for a kerberos principal.

The ipa-join command will create and retrieve a service principal for
host/[email protected] and place it by default into /etc/krb5.keytab. The
location can be overridden with the -k option.

The IPA server to contact is set in /etc/ipa/default.conf by default and can be overridden
using the -s,--server option.

In order to join the machine needs to be authenticated. This can happen in one of two

* Authenticate using the current kerberos principal

* Provide a password to authenticate with

If a client host has already been joined to the IPA realm the ipa-join command will fail.
The host will need to be removed from the server using `ipa host-del FQDN` in order to
join the client to the realm.

This command is normally executed by the ipa-client-install command as part of the
enrollment process.

The reverse is unenrollment. Unenrolling a host removes the Kerberos key on the IPA
server. This prepares the host to be re-enrolled. This uses the host principal stored in
/etc/krb5.conf to authenticate to the IPA server to perform the unenrollment.

Please note, that while the ipa-join option removes the client from the domain, it does
not actually uninstall the client or properly remove all of the IPA-related configuration.
The only way to uninstall a client completely is to use ipa-client-install --uninstall
(see ipa-client-install(1)).


-h,--hostname hostname
The hostname of this server (FQDN). By default of nodename from uname(2) is used.

-s,--server server
The hostname of the IPA server (FQDN). Note that by default there is no
/etc/ipa/default.conf, in most cases it needs to be supplied.

-k,--keytab keytab-file
The keytab file where to append the new key (will be created if it does not exist).
Default: /etc/krb5.keytab

-w,--bindpw password
The password to use if not using Kerberos to authenticate. Use a password of this
particular host (one time password created on IPA server)

-b,--basedn basedn
The basedn of the IPA server (of the form dc=example,dc=com). This is only needed
when not using Kerberos to authenticate and anonymous binds are disallowed in the
IPA LDAP server.

Force enrolling the host even if host entry exists.

Unenroll this host from the IPA server. No keytab entry is removed in the process
(see ipa-rmkeytab(1)).

Quiet mode. Only errors are displayed.

Print the raw XML-RPC output in GSSAPI mode.


Join IPA domain and retrieve a keytab with kerberos credentials.

# kinit admin
# ipa-join

Join IPA domain and retrieve a keytab using a one-time password.

# ipa-join -w secret123

Join IPA domain and save the keytab in another location.

# ipa-join -k /tmp/host.keytab


The exit status is 0 on success, nonzero on error.

0 Success

1 Kerberos context initialization failed

2 Incorrect usage

3 Out of memory

4 Invalid service principal name

5 No Kerberos credentials cache

6 No Kerberos principal and no bind DN and password

7 Failed to open keytab

8 Failed to create key material

9 Setting keytab failed

10 Bind password required when using a bind DN

11 Failed to add key to keytab

12 Failed to close keytab

13 Host is already enrolled

14 LDAP failure

15 Incorrect bulk password

16 Host name must be fully-qualified

17 XML-RPC fault

18 Principal not found in host entry

19 Unable to generate Kerberos credentials cache

20 Unenrollment result not in XML-RPC response

21 Failed to get default Kerberos realm

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