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include-what-you-use - Analyze #includes in C and C++ source files


USAGE: include-what-you-use [-Xiwyu --iwyu_opt]... <clang opts> <source file> Here are the
<iwyu_opts> you can specify (e.g. -Xiwyu --verbose=3):

--check_also=<glob>: tells iwyu to print iwyu-violation info

for all files matching the given glob pattern (in addition to the default of
reporting for the input .cc file and its associated .h files). This flag may be
specified multiple times to specify multiple glob patterns.

--cwd=<dir>: tells iwyu what the current working directory is.

--howtodebug[=<filename>]: with no arg, prints instructions on

how to run iwyu under gdb for the input file, and exits. With an arg, prints only
when input file matches the arg.

--mapping_file=<filename>: gives iwyu a mapping file.

--no_default_mappings: do not add iwyu's default mappings.

--pch_in_code: mark the first include in a translation unit as a

precompiled header.
Use --pch_in_code to prevent IWYU from

removing necessary PCH includes.
Though Clang forces PCHs

to be listed as prefix headers, the PCH-in-code pattern can be used with GCC and is
standard practice on MSVC (e.g. stdafx.h).

--prefix_header_includes=<value>: tells iwyu what to do with

in-source includes and forward declarations involving prefix headers. Prefix
header is a file included via command-line option -include. If prefix header makes
include or forward declaration obsolete, presence of such include can be controlled
with the following values

add: new lines are added

keep: new lines aren't added, existing are kept intact

remove: new lines aren't added, existing are removed

Default value is 'add'.

--transitive_includes_only: do not suggest that a file add

foo.h unless foo.h is already visible in the file's transitive includes.

--max_line_length: maximum line length for includes.

Note that this only affects comments and alignment thereof, the maximum line length
can still be exceeded with long file names (default: 80). --verbose=<level>: the
higher the level, the more output.

In addition to IWYU-specific options you can specify the following options without -Xiwyu

--help: prints this help and exits.

--version: prints version and exits.

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