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jh_compilefeatures - Compiles eclipse features using pde-build.


jh_compilefeatures [debhelper options] [options] [--pde-build-dir=dir] [feature [...]]


jh_compilefeatures is a javahelper program that handles compiling features using pde-
build. These features can be specified either in debian/eclipse.features or via command-

jh_compilefeatures uses debhelper behind the scenes and are therefore subject to the
compat level (e.g. when parsing the eclipse.features file).

When specifying the dependencies for a feature, jh_compilefeatures will see if this
feature has just been compiled and will use the dependency if it is among the results.
This can be used together with debian/eclipse.features.

Dependencies are always resolved by first checking if it is a recently built feature and
if not, then the system installed eclipse's dropins folders will be checked.

Currently jh_compilefeatures do not clean up between builds, which means the dependencies
for previous builds are present for the current build. Nevertheless, do not rely on this,
as this behavior is subject to change.

Note: jh_compilefeatures will not rearrange the build order for you in order to do this.

Note: that jh_compilefeatures will not error out if it cannot find a missing dependency.
This is due to the underlying builder being unable to detect this.

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