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jhindexer - JavaHelp command line utility


jhindexer [ options ] [ file | folder ]


Command-line options.

JavaHelp system content file. If the argument is a folder, the folder is searched
recursively for JavaHelp system content files.


jhindexer creates a full-text search database used by the JavaHelp system full-text search
engine to locate matches. You can use the jhsearch command to verify the validity of the


-c file
A configuration file name.

-db dir
The name of the database output folder. By default the output folder is named
JavaHelpSearch and is created in the current folder.

-locale lang_country_variant
The name of the locale as described in java.util.Locale.For example: en_US (English,
United States) or en_US_WIN (English, United States, Windows variant).

-logfile file
Captures jhindexer messages in a specified file. You can use this option to preserve
jhindexer output on Win32 machines where the console window is dismissed after
execution terminates.

-nostop words
Causes stop words to be indexed in the full-text search database.

Displays verbose messages while processing.

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