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jpeg2swf - Converts jpeg images to SWF.


jpeg2swf [-options [value]] imagefiles[.jpg]|[.jpeg] [...]


This tool converts jpeg image files into an SWF animation. It takes any number of input
pictures, and converts them to SWF one-by-one, where every converted picture is a separate
frame in the target SWF.


-o, --output outputfile
Explicitly specify output file. (Otherwise, output will go to stdout /

-q, --quality quality
Set compression quality (1-100, 1=worst, 100=best).
This option can be set independently for each image.

-r, --rate framerate
Set movie framerate (frames per second)

-z, --zlib zlib
Use Flash MX (SWF 6) Zlib encoding for the output. The resulting SWF will be
smaller, but not playable in Flash Plugins of Version 5 and below.

-M, --mx
Use Flash MX H.263 compression (use for correlated images)

-x, --xoffset offset
horizontally offset images by offset

-y, --yoffset offset
vertically offset images by offset

-X, --width width
Force movie width to width (default: autodetect)

-Y, --height height
Force movie height to height (default: autodetect)

-T, --flashversion version
Set flash file version to version

-v, --verbose level
Set verbose level to level (0=quiet, 1=default, 2=debug)

-V, --version
Print version information and exit

-f, --fit-to-movie
Fit images to movie size

-e, --export assetname
Make importable as asset with assetname


Rainer Böhme <[email protected]>

Matthias Kramm

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