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jscribble - infinite notepad written in Java


jscribble [options]

java -jar jscribble.jar [options]

javaws http://martin-ueding.de/download/jscribble/jscribble.jnlp


jscribble is a graphical notepad with as many pages as you want. You can organize your
notes within notepads. Best used with a graphics tablet or touchscreen.

You can organize your notes into notebooks, which allow you to have several collections of
notesheets. At startup, you can select which notepad you want to use. If you do not want
to save your notes, you can go into the scribble mode. All notes that you take there, will
be thrown away when you close the program—without any sheet of paper wasted.

Taking notes on paper allows you to draw and write whatever you want. Some people are fast
enough in LaTeX to set complicated formulas while in a lecture. Some prefer to draw these
by hand but do not like carrying lots of paper with them.

jscribble offers screen based note taking with as many pages as you want. Xournal offers
more features but is paper size oriented which does not make sense on a 10" netbook screen
where one wants to use the whole screen for taking notes.

Another focus was set to avoid any mouse navigation. All you can do with your mouse (or
pen) is draw, therefore you cannot click anything accidentally. Navigation is done with
the keyboard. This stance is weakened a little now, there is a mouse only mode which
features panels at the left and right side of the screen to flip pages. You can also
advance to the next page using the middle click. Both of these options have to be enabled
in the configuration file, though.

The eraser was implemented later too, it can be disabled in the config if it causes
trouble. It is activated by default since it is very handy.

You need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run jscribble.


-v Verbose Mode.

--key value
Allows one to overwrite any config key in the default config and the user config.
See below for a list of all available config keys


To flip between the pages, you can use the arrows keys, space bar, enter and backspace.

When the primary mouse button is pressed, a line is drawn, the secondary mouse button

All controls are displayed in the online help screen activated by h or F1.

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