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juju-quickstart - Quickly configure, deploy and manage Juju bundles
with the Juju GUI


usage: juju-quickstart [-h] [-e ENV_NAME] [-n BUNDLE_NAME] [-i]
[--environments-file ENV_FILE] [--gui-charm-url CHARM_URL]
[--no-browser] [--version] [--debug] [--description] [bundle]

Juju Quickstart is a Juju plugin which allows for easily setting up a
Juju environment in very few steps. The environment is bootstrapped and
set up so that it can be managed using a Web interface (the Juju GUI).

positional arguments:
bundle The optional bundle to be deployed. The bundle can be 1) a fully
qualified bundle URL (starting with "bundle:"), 2) a URL
("http:" or "https:") to a YAML/JSON, 3) a path to a YAML/JSON
file, or 4) a path to a directory containing a "bundles.yaml"

optional arguments:
-h, --help
show this help message and exit

-e ENV_NAME, --environment ENV_NAME
The name of the Juju environment to use

-n BUNDLE_NAME, --bundle-name BUNDLE_NAME
The name of the bundle to use. This must be included in the
provided bundle YAML/JSON. Specifying the bundle name is not
required if the bundle YAML/JSON only contains one bundle. This
option is ignored if the bundle file is not specified

-i, --interactive
Start the environments management interactive session

--environments-file ENV_FILE
The path to the Juju environments YAML file

--gui-charm-url CHARM_URL
The Juju GUI charm URL to deploy in the environment. If not
provided, the last release of the GUI will be deployed. The
charm URL must include the charm version, e.g.
cs:~juju-gui/precise/juju-gui-116. This option is ignored if
Juju GUI is already present in the environment

Avoid opening the browser to the GUI at the end of the process

show program's version number and exit

Turn debug mode on. When enabled, all the subcommands and API
calls are logged to stdout, and the Juju environment is
bootstrapped passing --debug

Show program's description and exit

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