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kerneltop - shows kernel function usage in an interactive style like 'top'


kerneltop [ options ]


This manpage documents version 0.8 of the program.


The kerneltop command uses the /proc/profile and the kernel system map to print ascii data
on standard output, updated once a second. The output is organized in three columns: the
first is the address of the function, the second is the name of the C function in the
kernel, and the third number of clock ticks the function has taken. The output is filled
with blanks to ease readability, and can either be sorted by the number of ticks per
function (the default), or the address of the function.


Available command line options:

-m mapfile
Specify a mapfile, which by default is /boot/System.map, or /boot/System.map-`uname
-r` if /boot/System.map doesn't exist. You should specify the map file on the
command-line if your current kernel isn't the last one you compiled, or `uname -r`
does not refer to the correct suffix for the current System.map file. If the name
of the map file ends with `.gz' it is decompressed on the fly.

-p profile
Specify a different profiling buffer, which by default is /proc/profile. This
should only be necessary if the proc filesystem is mounted somewhere other than

-l lines
Lines. Number of lines to print on the display. Default is 20 and the maximum is

-s seconds
Sleep time between each pass in seconds. Default is 1 second.

-t ticks
Lower threshold number of ticks to print. Default is 1 tick.

-u Unsorted output. Default is sorted (by ticks). Note that unsorted output is
actually sorted by address.

-V Version. This makes kerneltop print its version number and exit.


Display 46 lines of output (useful for 50 line terminals):
kerneltop -l 46

Show only proceses that use 5 ticks or more:
kerneltop -t 5

Show unsorted output by default:
kerneltop -u


There are a number of interactive commands available in kerneltop. The effect of these
commands is documented above under OPTIONS.

<h> or <?>: Help

This is simply a list of available commands for the interactive mode.

<l>: Lines

Set number of console lines to use for display

<s>: Seconds

Set number of seconds between sample periods

<t>: Threshold

Set lower threshold for number of ticks required to be printed

<q>: Quit

Leaves the program

<u>: Unsorted/Sorted

Toggles between unsorted and sorted display (sorted by ticks)

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