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kftpgrabber - ftp client for KDE


kftpgrabber [options]


kftpgrabber is a graphical ftp client for KDE. It supports technologies like ZeroConf,

Some features:

- Multiple FTP sessions (tabs)
- Transfer queue
- TLS/SSL support for encrypted connections (implicit and explicit)
- Partial X509 certificate support for authentication
- File eXchange Protocol (FXP) transfer support
- One Time Password (OTP) support - S/Key, MD5, RMD160, SHA1
- Drag and Drop support
- Site bookmarking
- Encrypted bookmark support (password can be saved to KWallet)
- Distributed FTP support (PRET)
- SSCN and CPSV support
- Skiplist
- ZeroConf (aka. Rendezvous) support for local site discovery
- Bookmark sharing with Kopete contacts
- Bookmark import plugins
- Support for SFTP protocol
- Traffic graph
- Speed limiting
- Priority and skip lists
- Fast directory listings via control channel on servers that support STAT
- Integrated SFV checksum verifier
- Ability to view/edit remote files
- Exporting of directory listings into text files
- "On file exists" action matrix for Download, Upload and FXP transfers


All KDE and Qt programs accept some common command-line options. kftpgrabber has no
application-specific options.

--help Show help about options

Show Qt specific options

Show KDE specific options

Show all options

Show author information

-v --version
Show version information

Show license information

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