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kmview - Kernel Mode implementation of View-OS


kmview [ options ] prog


The main goal of the View-OS project is to give each process its own view of the system
resources. For example, each process can mount filesystems or hide some file or
directories. It is also possible to assign virtual network interfaces, IP addresses or
define virtual devices for each process (or for hierarchies of processes).
kmview is the kernel module implementation of View-OS concepts. It works on a linux
kernel providing utrace and it needs the kmview kernel module already loaded to work. It
is a modular partial virtual machine. kmview before loading any module is completely
transparent, a process behaves inside kmview as it would have behaved outside. Each
module can customize specific entities: there are modules to mount filesystems at user-
level (umfuse) , to define virtual networking stacks (net) , to define virtual devices
(umdev) , to provide interpreters for executables, e.g. to support executables for foreign
architectures (umbinfmt) , to hide, move, overlay parts of the file system (viewfs).
These are some examples of modules provided by the View-OS team. kmview aims to provide a
general interface to customize the system call semantics of process under specified
conditions. So more modules will be added both by the View-OS team and by third parties.


-V name
--viewname name
set the name of the view. The view can be read and set using vuname or viewname
-p module [ , module_options ]
--preload module [ , module_options ]
preload modules. Modules will be loaded as shared libraries thus all the rules to
load libraries apply. Modules must be loaded from a directory within the ld.so search
path or should be specified by their pathnames. If necessary configure the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable appropriately. module_options are module
specific configuration options, thus the reader should refer to each service module
manual for a complete description. Modules can be loaded at run time using the
um_add_service command.
set kmview in human mode, i.e. force the check of capabilities and permissions. uid is
0 at startup, in this way it is possible to load modules and mount services. When a
process sets its uid as an unprivileged user (via setuid(2) or viewsu(1)), capability
and permissions are enforced.
-f rcfile
--rc rcfile
Use rcfile as the initialization file for kmview. kmview always executes
/etc/viewosrc if exists, then kmview executes the initialization file set by this
option or ~/.viewosrc.
umview is able to provide module nesting, i.e. a module can provide services on the
basis of virtual services provided by another module or even by the module itself. For
example it is possible to mount a file system image which is stored in an already
virtually mounted filesystem. This feature requires the pure_libc library. The -x or
--nonesting option disables the nesting feature.
-o file
--output file
This option diverts the debugging output to the file specified, it is useful when
umview has been compiled with debugging extensions.
Print the version and exit.
Print a short help message and exit.

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