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lamnodes - Resolve LAM node/CPU notation to Unix hostnames.


lamnodes [-chin] [where]


-c Suppress printing the CPU count for each node.

-h Print the command help menu.

-i Print IP addresses (instead of IP names)

-n Suppress printing CPU count for each node


The lamnodes command is used to resolve LAM node/CPU nomenclature to Unix hostnames. It
can be used to determine the current running configuration of the LAM/MPI run-time
environment, and generate a boot schema that can be used to launch LAM in the future.

By default, lamnodes will print out the node number, default IP name, CPU count, and per-
node flags for each node in the running LAM. gethostbyaddr(3) is used to obtain default
hostnames. If gethostbyaddr(3) fails, the IP number is displayed instead.

This command can be used by setup shell scripts (and the like) to determine information
from a currently-running LAM universe. For example, use lamnodes to resolve particular
CPUs and/or nodes to specific unix hostnames. In a batch environment, lamnodes can be
used to determine which CPUs share a common node (note that MPI_GET_PROCESSOR_NAME can be
used for a similar effect in an MPI program).

lamnodes also shows per-node flags. Currently defined flags are:

origin The node where lamboot was executed.

this_node The node where lamnodes is running.

no_schedule The node will not be used to run MPI and serial processes when N and C are
used to mpirun and lamexec.


lamnodes N -n
Display IP names and CPU counts for all nodes. This output can be saved and later
used with lamboot(1).

lamnodes C -n -c
Display the IP name of the nodes containing each CPU, and suppress the LAM node number
and CPU count. This output can be saved and later used with lamboot(1).

Use lamnodes online using onworks.net services

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