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larsmenu - create a menu to run commands


larsmenu [ -bg background-color ] [ -display displayname ] [ -file name
] [ -fg foreground-color ] [ -font fname ] [ -geometry geom ] [ -iconic
] [ -label name ] [ -path ] [ -popdown ] [ -popup ] [ -shell prog ] [
-teleport ] [ -version ] [ -warp ] menuitem[:command] ...


larsmenu is a simple program that accepts a list of menu item and
command pairs on the command line. It creates a window that consists
of nothing but a menu. When a particular item is selected, the
corresponding command is executed.

Any mouse button may be used to select an item. Alternatively, the UP-
ARROW and DOWN-ARROW cursor keys may be used to highlight different
items, with ENTER used to select the highlighted item. ESCAPE exits the
menu without selecting an entry.

Menu items and commands are separated by a colon. The colon and
command are optional. If they are missing, then the menu item is
assumed to be a command that can be executed directly.

A menu item consisting of the word exit causes larsmenu to exit when it
is selected. Otherwise, to stop larsmenu, delete it using the window
manager. If a command is supplied along with the exit item, that
command is executed before larsmenu exits.

If a command starts with the word exec, larsmenu ceases operating after
launching it.

larsmenu accepts the following command line options, listed

-bg background-color
Set the background color to background-color. By
default, the background color is white.

-display displayname
Use the X display displayname, instead of the default

-file filename
Read items to display from filename, in addition to any
other command line arguments. This is intended for use
with #! in scripts.

-fg foreground-color
Set the foreground color to foreground-color. By
default, the foreground color is black.

-font fname
Use the font fname, instead of fixed.

-geometry geom
Use geom (a geometry in standard X format) as the
geometry of the menu. This is most useful for specifying
the initial location of the menu. Note that larsmenu
overrides the size part of the geometry specification.
The window is always just large enough to hold the menu.

Start up in the iconified state.

-label name
Change both the window and icon labels of the window to

-path Append the current directory to the command search path.

Once an item is selected, the menu window automatically
iconifies itself.

-popup Act like a pop-up menu. Once a menu item is selected,
larsmenu exits. This option overrides -popdown.

-shell prog
Use prog as the shell to run commands, instead of
/bin/sh. If the shell cannot be executed, larsmenu then
silently falls back to using /bin/sh.

Move the menu to where the mouse is when the menu is
uniconified. This option is particularly useful when
combined with -popdown.

This option prints the version of larsmenu on the
standard output, and then exits with an exit value of

-warp Warp the mouse to the menu when the menu is uniconified.
After the selection is made, restore the mouse to where
it was. This option is particularly useful when combined
with -popdown.


larsmenu -popup "XTerm:xterm" "Calculator:xcalc"

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