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latexrevise - selectively remove markup and text from latexdiff output


latexrevise [ OPTIONS ] [ diff.tex ] > revised.tex


latexrevise reads a file "diff.tex" (output of latexdiff), and remove the markup commands.
If no filename is given the input is read from standard input. The command can be used in
ACCEPT, DECLINE, or SIMPLIFY mode, or can be used to remove user-defined latex commands
from the input (see -c, -e, -m, and -n below). In ACCEPT mode, all appended text
fragments (or preamble lines) are kept, and all discarded text fragments (or preamble
lines) are deleted. In DECLINE mode, all discarded text fragments are kept, and all
appended text fragments are deleted. If you wish to keep some changes, edit the diff.tex
file in advance, and manually remove those tokens which would otherwise be deleted. Note
that latexrevise only pays attention to the "\DIFaddbegin", "\DIFaddend", "\DIFdelbegin",
and "\DIFdelend" tokens and corresponding FL varieties. All "\DIFadd" and "\DIFdel"
commands (but not their contents) are simply deleted. The commands added by latexdiff to
the preamble are also removed. In SIMPLIFY mode, "\DIFaddbegin, \DIFaddend, \DIFdelbegin,
\DIFdelend" tokens and their corresponding "FL" varieties are kept but all other markup
(e.g. "DIFadd" and <\DIFdel>) is removed. The result will not in general be valid latex-
code but it will be easier to read and edit in preparation for a subsequent run in ACCEPT
or DECLINE mode. In SIMPLIFY mode the preamble is left unmodified.


-a or --accept
Run in ACCEPT mode (delete all blocks marked by "\DIFdelbegin" and "\DIFdelend").

-d or --decline
Run in DECLINE mode (delete all blocks marked by "\DIFaddbegin" and "\DIFaddend").

-s or --simplify
Run in SIMPLIFY mode (Keep all "\DIFaddbegin", "\DIFaddend", "\DIFdelbegin",
"\DIFdelend" tokens, but remove all other latexdiff markup from body).

Note that the three mode options are mutually exclusive. If no mode option is given,
latexrevise simply removes user annotations and markup according to the following four

-c cmd or --comment=cmd
Remove "\cmd{...}" sequences. "cmd" is supposed to mark some explicit anotations
which should be removed from the file before release.

-e envir or --comment-environment=envir
Remove explicit annotation environments from the text, i.e. remove



-m cmd or --markup=cmd
Remove the markup command "\cmd" but leave its argument, i.e. turn "\cmd{abc}" into

-n envir or --markup-environment=envir
Similarly, remove "\begin{envir}" and "\end{envir}" commands but leave content of the
environment in the text.

-V or --verbose
Verbose output

-q or --no-warnings
Do not warn users about "\DIDadd{..}" or "\DIFdel{..}" statements which should have
been removed already.

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