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ldap2dns - LDAP based DNS management system


ldap2dns[d] [-D binddn] [-b searchbase] [-o data|db] [-h host] [-p port] [-w password]
[-L[filename]] [-u numsecs] [-v[v]] [-V]


This manual page documents briefly the ldap2dns commands. This manual page was written
for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual
page yet.

ldap2dns is an efficient, administration friendly way to maintain DNS information and
distribute DNS records to multiple primary DNS servers running djbdns or BIND


A summary of commanline options is included below.

-D binddn
Use the distinguished name binddn to bind to the LDAP directory.

-w bindpasswd
Use bindpasswd as the password for simple authentication.

-b Use searchbase as the starting point for the search instead of the default.

-o data
Generate a "data" file to be processed by tinydns-data

-o db For each zone generate a "<zonename>.db" file to be used by named

Print output in LDIF format for reimport.

-h host
Hostname of LDAP server, defaults to localhost.

-p port
Portnumber to connect to LDAP server, defaults to 389

-u numsecs
Update DNS data after numsecs. Defaults to 59 if started as daemon.

Important notice: data.cdb is rewritten only after DNSserial in DNSzone is

-e exec-cmd
This command is executed after ldap2dns regenerated its data files.

-v Run in verbose mode.

-vv Run in even more verbose mode.

-V Print version and exit.


LDAP2DNS_UPDATE The LDAP2DNS_UPDATE environment variable sets the time interval in seconds
to update DNS data. This variable is overridden by -u option.

LDAP2DNS_OUTPUT Specify the type of output. It may be set to 'data' so that its output may
be used by tinydns. It may be set to 'db' so that its output may be used by

TINYDNSDIR The root-directory used by tinydns, ie. the one in which to tinydns expects its

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