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lintex - removes TeX-related garbage files


lintex [ -i ] [ -r ] [ -b ext ] [ -p ] [ -k ] [ -o ] [ -q ] [ -v ] [ -d ] [ dir [ dir
... ]]


lintex is a program that removes TeX-related auxiliary files, normally not needed after a
successful TeX run (i.e. log, aux, dvi, ... files); they are actually removed only if
their modification timestamp is more recent than the one of the related TeX source and if
they aren't readonly. In addition, all the backup files that your favorite editor has
generated are also removed.


-i Asks the user permission before actually removing any file.

-r The given directories are scanned recursively; i.e., if they contain any
subdirectory structure, all the tree will be cleaned up.

-b ext ext is the trailer string (the ´extension´) that identifies the backup files
generated by your editor, e.g. -b .bak; ext defaults to ~ (the tilde character),
i.e. to the emacs convention. If ext includes characters having a special meaning
for the shell, it must be enclosed in quotes: e.g. -b "~" (equivalent to the
default). Specifying the null string, as in -b "", inhibits the cleanup of any
special file.

-p Pretends, show what files would be removed but don't actually remove them.

-k Keeps final documents (.pdf, .ps, .dvi).

-o Permits the removal of files older than their sources.

-q Quiet, only prints error messages.

-v Verbose, prints which files were removed and which weren't.

-d Debug, prints the answers to all of life's questions.


dir The name(s), separated by whitespace, of one or more directories to be cleaned; if
missing, the default is the current directory.


All files ending in the following extensions may be removed when appropriate:

.aux, .bbl, .bcf, .blg, .dvi, .idx, .ilg, .ind, .lof, .log, .lot, .nav, .out, .pdf,
.ps, .snm, .thm, .toc, .toc.old, .synctex.gz, .xyc


The HOME environment variable determines the location of the configuration file, see FILES

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