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LinuxDC++ - File-sharing client for the Direct Connect network


linuxdcpp [OPTION...] [URI...]


LinuxDC++ is a Direct Connect client based on DC++. Utilizing the latest DC++ core,
LinuxDC++ offers similar functionality to the Windows client like segmented downloading,
TTH based file integrity, etc. with a GTK+ user interface. LinuxDC++ is free and open
source software licensed under the GPL.

Direct Connect (DC) is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing protocol. Clients connect to a
central hub where they can chat or share files with one another. Users can view other
users' list of shared files or search the hub for files.


URI A list of URIs to load on startup. LinuxDC++ supports the following types of URIs:

Magnet URI for a shared file. Handled the same as -a, --add-magnet

ADC hub URI. Handled the same as -c, --connect

Secure ADC hub URI. Handled the same as -c, --connect

NMDC hub URI. Handled the same as -c, --connect

-a, --add-magnet=URI
Attempt to add the magnet link directly to the download queue

-c, --connect=URI
Connect to the given hub

-e, --existing
Send commands to the existing instance (if applicable)

-h, --help
Show help options

-m, --search-magnet=URI
Search for the given magnet link

-r, --refresh
Initiate filelist refresh

-s, --show
Show the running instance (default action)

-v, --version
Show version information and exit

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