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logcheck-test - test new logcheck rules easily


logcheck-test [-q|-i] [-a|-s|-l FILE] [-e] [-P PREFIX] [-S SUFFIX] RULE
logcheck-test [-q|-i] [-a|-s|-l FILE] -r RULEFILE


logcheck-test parses a log file for matching lines specified by a single rule or a rule
file. If using a single RULE you can set a PREFIX and a SUFFIX to write new rules easily.


-h, --help
Show usage information

-a, --auth.log
Parse /var/log/auth.log for matching lines

-s, --syslog
Parse /var/log/syslog for matching lines

-l, --log-file FILE
Parse FILE for matching lines

-i, --invert-match
Show line that don't match the RULE or the RULEFILE

-q, --quiet
Suppress rule summary at the end of output

-e, --surround-rule
Surround RULE with standard prefix and suffix:

^[[:alpha:]]{3} [ :[:digit:]]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ RULE$

-P, --append-prefix PREFIX
Append PREFIX to rule prefix. Option can be given multiple times

-S, --prepend-suffix SUFFIX
Prepend SUFFIX to rule suffix. Option can be given multiple times

-r, --rule-file RULEFILE
Use file RULEFILE for rule input


With logcheck-test you can easily write and test new rules.

Test a single rule against /var/log/syslog:
logcheck-test -s "RULE"

Test a single rule against ~/log, surround the rule with standard prefix and suffix and
append "kernel " to prefix:
logcheck-test -l ~/log -e -P "kernel " "RULE"

Test the rules in rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/kernel against ~/log:
logcheck-test -l ~/log -r rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/kernel

Test which lines the rules in rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/kernel doesn't match:
logcheck-test -l ~/log -r rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/kernel -i


On successful matching logcheck-test will complete with exit code 0. An exit code of 1
indicates no successful matching.

An exit code greater then 1 indicates an error occurred. Textual errors are written to the
standard error stream.

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