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esmtp - libESMTP to Sendmail compatibility interface


esmtp [flags] [address ...]
sendmail [flags] [address ...]

sendmail -bp

sendmail -bi


Esmtp is a send-only sendmail emulator for machines which normally retrieve their mail
from a centralized mailhub using programs such as fetchmail.

Esmtp does not attempt to provide all the functionality of sendmail: it is intended to be
used by mail user agents as mutt.


Most sendmail options are irrelevant to esmtp . Those marked ``ignored'' or ``default''
have no effect on mail transfer. Those marked ``unsupported'' are fatal errors.

-Ac (ignored)
Use submit.cf even if the operation mode does not indicate an initial mail

-Am (ignored)
Use sendmail.cf even if the operation mode indicates an initial mail submission.

-B type
Set the body type to type. Current legal values are 7BIT or 8BITMIME.

-ba (unsupported)
Go into ARPANET mode.

-bd (unsupported)
Run as a daemon.

-bD (unsupported)
Same as -bd except runs in foreground.

-bh (unsupported)
Print the persistent host status database.

-bH (unsupported)
Purge expired entries from the persistent host status database.

-bi (ignored)
Initialize the alias database.

-bm (default)
Deliver mail in the usual way.

-bp Print a listing of the queue(s).

-bP (unsupported)
Print number of entries in the queue(s); only available with shared memory support.

-bs (unsupported)
Use the SMTP protocol as described in RFC821 on standard input and output.

-bt (unsupported)
Run in address test mode.

-bv (unsupported)
Verify names only - do not try to collect or deliver a message.

-C file
Use alternate configuration file.

-d X (ignored)
Set debugging value to X.

-F fullname
Set the full name of the sender.

-f name
Sets the name of the ``from'' person (i.e., the envelope sender of the mail). This
address may also be used in the From: header if that header is missing during
initial submission. The envelope sender address is used as the recipient for
delivery status notifications and may also appear in a Return-Path: header.

This address is also used to select from different identities in the configuration

If no envelope sender is specified in the command line then the default identity's
address is used.

-G (ignored)
Relay (gateway) submission of a message.

-h N (ignored)
Set the hop count to N.

-I (ignored)
Same as -bi.

-i (ignored)
Ignore dots alone on lines by themselves in incoming messages. This should be set
if you are reading data from a file.

-L tag (ignored)
Set the identifier used in syslog messages to the supplied tag.

-N dsn Set delivery status notification conditions to dsn, which can be `never' for no
notifications or a comma separated list of the values `failure' to be notified if
delivery failed, `delay' to be notified if delivery is delayed, and `success' to be
notified when the message is successfully delivered.

-n (default)
Don't do aliasing.

-O option=value (ignored)
Set option option to the specified value. This form uses long names.

-o x value (ignored)
Set option x to the specified value. This form uses single character names only.

-p protocol (ignored)
Set the name of the protocol used to receive the message.

-q[time] (ignored)
Process saved messages in the queue at given intervals.

-qp[time] (ignored)
Similar to -qtime, except that instead of periodically forking a child to process
the queue, forks a single persistent child for each queue that alternates between
processing the queue and sleeping.

-qf (ignored)
Process saved messages in the queue once and do not fork(), but run in the

-qG name (ignored)
Process jobs in queue group called name only.

-q[!]I substr (ignored)
Limit processed jobs to those containing substr as a substring of the queue id or
not when ! is specified.

-q[!]R substr (ignored)
Limit processed jobs to those containing substr as a substring of one of the
recipients or not when ! is specified.

-q[!]S substr (ignored)
Limit processed jobs to those containing substr as a substring of the sender or not
when ! is specified.

-R return
Set the amount of the message to be returned if the message bounces. The return
parameter can be `full' to return the entire message or `hdrs' to return only the
headers. In the latter case also local bounces return only the headers.

-r name
An alternate and obsolete form of the -f flag.

-t Read message for recipients. To:, Cc:, and Bcc: lines will be scanned for
recipient addresses. The Bcc: line will be deleted before transmission.

-V envid
Set the original envelope id.

-v Go into verbose mode.

-X logfile
Log all traffic in and out of mailers in the indicated log file.

-- Stop processing command flags and use the rest of the arguments as addresses.

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