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map2jnx - convert map to JNX


map2jnx -q 1..100 -s 411|422|444 -p 0.. -c "copyright notice" -m "BirdsEye" -n "Unknown"
-x file1_scale,file2_scale,...,fileN_scale file1 file2 ... fileN outputfile


map2jnx is a helper utility for qlandkartegt(1) to convert a map to JNX format.

The projection of the input files must have the same latitude along a pixel row. Mecator
and Longitude/Latitude projections match this this property. Transversal Merkator or
Lambert projections do not.

To rectify a geotiff map, you can use the gdalwarp(1) command, e.g.

gdalwarp -t_srs "EPSG:4326" inputfile outputfile

Scale levels must be pass in same order as level files pointed. Empty and zero values
equal to autodetect. We can point only needed levels, like:

-x 45356,,,75; -x ,,,,75

Calculated levels table can be found:

· English: http://whiter.brinkster.net/en/JNX.shtml

· Russian: http://whiter.brinkster.net/JNX.shtml

Most common values for different map scales:

JNX scale Map scale
------------- ---------
78125-31250 1:1 000 000
20834-7813 1:500 000
7813-3125 1:200 000
3125-2084 1:100 000
2084-782 1:50 000
782-32 1:25 000
32-21 1:10 000
21-14 1:5000, 1:2000


-q 1..100
The JPEG quality from 1 to 100. Default is 75

-s 411|422|444
The chroma subsampling. Default is 411

-p 0.. The product ID. Default is 0

-c string
The copyright notice. Default is "Unknown"

-m string
The subscription product name. Default is "BirdsEye"

-n string
The map name. Default is "Unknown"

-z number
The z order (drawing order). Default is 25

-x file1_scale,file2_scale,...,fileN_scale
Override levels scale. Default: autodetect

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