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mcpp - Matsui CPP, an alternative C preprocessor


mcpp [options] [<infile> [<outfile>]]


mcpp is a C/C++ preprocessor with the highest conformance which implements C90, C99 and
C++98. mcpp has plentiful diagnostics and many #pragmas. It is useful to check
portability of your program, and also useful to debug complicated macro. This is a man-
page for mcpp of compiler-independent-build.


mcpp expects two file names as arguments, <infile> and <outfile>. If not specified,
<infile> defaults to standard input and <outfile> defaults to standard output.

It takes the following options.

Commonly used options:

-@MODE Specify preprocessing mode. MODE should be one of these 4:

Standard conforming mode. (default)

-@poststd, -@post
special 'post-Standard' mode.

K&R 1st mode.

-@oldprep, -@old
"old_preprocessor" mode (i.e. "Reiser model" cpp).

-C Output also comments.

-D <macro>[=<value>]
Define <macro> as <value> (default:1).

-D <macro(args)>[=<replace>]
Define <macro(args)> as <replace>.

-e <encoding>
Change the default multi-byte character encoding to one of: euc_jp, gb2312,
ksc5601, big5, sjis, iso2022_jp, utf8.

-I <directory>
Add <directory> to the #include search list.

-I- Unset system or site specific include directories.

-j Do not output the source line in diagnostics.

-M, -MM, -MD, -MMD, -MP, -MQ target, -MT target, -MF file
Output source file dependency line for makefile.

-N Don't predefine any non-standard macros.

-o <file>
Output to <file>.

-P Don't output #line lines.

-Q Output diagnostics to "mcpp.err" (default:stderr).

-U <macro>
Undefine <macro>.

-v Show version of mcpp.

-W <level>
Set warning level to <level> (OR of {0,1,2,4,8,16}, default:1).

-z Don't output the included file, only defining macros.

Options available with -@std (default) or -@poststd options:

-+ Process C++ source.

-2 Enable digraphs.

-h <n> Re-define the pre-defined macro __STDC_HOSTED__ as <n>.

-S <n> Redefine __STDC__ to <n>, undefine old style macros.

-V <n> Redefine __STDC_VERSION__ or __cplusplus to <n>.
C with -V199901L specifies C99 mode.
C++ with -V199901L specifies C99 compatible mode.

Options available with only -@std (default) option:

Expand recursive macro more than Standard.

-3 Enable trigraphs.

-K Embed macro annotations into comments.

Options available with -@std (default), -@kr or -@oldprep options:

-a Process "assembler" source.


mcpp has the following #pragma directives.

#pragma once
Read the header file only once even if multiply #included.

#pragma __setlocale( "encoding")
Specify the multibyte character encoding to "encoding". See -e option for the

#pragma MCPP put_defines
Putout all the macro definitions currently valid.

#pragma MCPP debug <args>
Start to putout debugging informations.
<args> should be one or more of:
token expand macro_call path if expression memory getc

#pragma MCPP end_debug <args>
Stop to putout debugging informations.
<args> are the same with 'debug'.
No argument specifies all arguments.

#pragma MCPP push_macro( "MACRO")
Save the macro definition to the stack.

#pragma MCPP pop_macro( "MACRO")
Retrieve the macro definition from the stack.

#pragma MCPP preprocess
"Pre-preprocess" the following header files for mcpp.

#pragma MCPP warning any message
Putout warning "any message".


MCPP V.2.7 (2008/03) compiler-independent-build

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