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mdb-sql - SQL interface to MDB Tools


mdb-sql [-HFp] [-d delimiter] [-i file] [-o file] [database]


mdb-sql is a utility program distributed with MDB Tools.

mdb-sql allows querying of an MDB database using a limited SQL subset language.


-H Suppress header row.

-F Suppress footer row.

-p Turn off pretty printing. By default results are printed in an ascii table format
which looks nice but is not conducive to manipulating the output with unix tools.
This option prints output plainly in a tab separated format.

-d Specify an alternative column delimiter. If no delimiter is specified, columns will
be delimited by a tab character if pretty printing (-p) is turned off. If pretty
printing is enabled this option is meaningless.

-i Specify an input file. This option allows an input file containing the SQL to be
passed to mdb-sql. See Notes.

-o Specify an output file. This option allows the name of an output file to be used
instead of stdout.


mdb-sql in interactive mode takes some special commands.

connect to <database>
If no database was specified on the command line this command is necessary before
any querys are issued. It also allows the switching of databases once in the tool.

Will disconnect from the current database.

go Each batch is sent to the parser using the 'go' command.

reset A batch can be cleared using the 'reset' command.

list tables
The list tables command will display a list of available tables in this database,
similar to the mdb-tables utility on the command line.

describe table <table>
Will display the column information for the specified table.

quit Will exit the tool.


The currently implemented SQL subset is quite small, supporting only single table queries,
no aggregates, and limited support for WHERE clauses. Here is a brief synopsis of the
supported language.

SELECT [* | <column list>] FROM <table> WHERE <where clause>

column list:
<column> [, <column list>]

where clause:
<column> <operator> <literal> [AND <where clause>]

=, =>, =<, <>, like, <, >

integers, floating point numbers, or string literal in single quotes


When passing a file (-i) or piping output to mdb-sql the final 'go' is optional. This
allow constructs like

echo "Select * from Table1" | mdb-sql mydb.mdb

to work correctly.

The -i command can be passed the string 'stdin' to test entering text as if using a pipe.


Defines the charset of the input JET3 (access 97) file. Default is CP1252. See

Defines the output charset. Default is UTF-8. mdbtools must have been compiled with

semi-column separated list of options:

· use_index

· no_memo

· debug_like

· debug_write

· debug_usage

· debug_ole

· debug_row

· debug_props

· debug_all is a shortcut for all debug_* options


mdb-sql first appeared in MDB Tools 0.3.

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