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mdfind - search files matching a query in GWMetadata's database


mdfind [options] query


This manual page documents briefly the mdfind command.

mdfind is a tool to search for files matching a given query. It is part of GWMetadata, a
desktop search and indexing system for GNUstep.


-onlyin 'directory'
limits the search to “directory”

-s reports also the score for each found path

-c reports only the count of each found path

-a [attribute]
if “attribute” is supplied, prints the attribute description, otherwise prints the
attributes list

-h prints a help message and exits

The query has the format: attribute operator value, where “attribute” is one of the
attributes used by the mdextractor(1) tool when indexing (type mdfind -a for the
attributes list), and “operator” is one of the following:

== equal

!= not equal

< less than (only for numeric values and dates)

<= less than or equal (only for numeric values and dates)

> greater than (only for numeric values and dates)

>= greather than or equal (only for numeric values and dates)

Value comparison modifiers for string values:
Appending the ‘c’ character to the search value ("value"c) makes the query case
The ‘*’ wildcard can be used to match substrings anywhere in the search value.

Combining queries:
Queries can be combined using the ‘&&’ for AND, ‘||’ for OR and parentheses to
define nesting criteria.

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