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METACITY - minimal GTK3 Window Manager


metacity [--display=DISPLAY] [--replace] [--sm-client-id=ID] [--sm-disable]
[--sm-save-file=FILENAME] [--sync] [--composite] [--no-composite] [--no-force-fullscreen]
[--version] [--help]


This manual page documents briefly metacity.

metacity is a minimal X window manager aimed at nontechnical users and is designed to
integrate well with the GNOME desktop. metacity lacks some features that may be expected
by traditional UNIX or other technical users; these users may want to investigate other
available window managers for use with GNOME or standalone.


Connect to X display DISPLAY.

a window manager which is running is replaced by metacity. Users are encouraged to
change the GNOME window manager by running the new WM with the --replace or
-replace option, and subsequently saving the session.

Specify a session management ID.

Disable the session management.

Load a session from FILENAME.

--sync Make X calls synchronous

Turn compositing on

Turn compositing off

Don't make fullscreen windows that are maximized and have no decorations

Print the version number.

-?, --help
Show summary of options.


metacity configuration can be found under Preferences->Windows and Preferences->Keyboard
Shortcuts on the menu-panel. Advanced configuration can be achieved directly through

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