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miwm - a minimal appearance, full-function window manager




MIWM is Ben Wise's MInimal Window Manager. It is pronounced 'my whim'.

The goal of miwm is to be a fully functional window manager, while retaining a very spare
(Zen or Spartan, as you please) appearance and command-set.


This man page is VERY MUCH under construction. It is not complete, and blatantly contains
leftover pieces of the man page I used as a template. Do not rely on anything you find


The notation for describing commands is that Mouse-1-frame means 'button 1 click on
frame', C-Mouse-3-root means 'control button 3 click on root',


Move. Mouse-2-root Select virtual workspace.


Filenames passed to
miwm can be directories or deleted files. If a directory that is not deleted is
passed to miwm, then the deleted files or directories in it will be restored; if
the recursive option is specified, then all deleted files or directories in any of
its children will be restored as well.

The shell wildcards * and ?, as well as shell brace notation using [ and ], are
interpreted correctly by miwm. It is possible to pass wildcards to the program without
the wildcards being intercepted by the shell by setting noglob (in csh) or by quoting the
wildcards. To delete a file that actually has a wildcard in its name, you must precede
the quoted wildcard with a quoted backslash.

If no files are specified on the command line, miwm goes into interactive mode. In
interactive mode, the user is prompted to enter files to be restored, one file per line.
Typing a carriage return on an empty prompt line exits the program.

Wildcards and quoting backslashes can be entered directly at the prompt without any shell
interference (which is the main reason there is an interactive mode).


Miwm No command-line options.


The code is too complicated. No icon support.

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