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nfc-emulate-uid - NFC target emulation command line tool based on libnfc


nfc-emulate-uid [OPTIONS] [UID]


nfc-emulate-uid is a tag emulation tool that allows one to choose any tag UID. Tag
emulation is one of the main added features in NFC. But to avoid abuse of existing
systems, manufacturers of the NFC controller intentionally did not support emulation of
fully customized UID but only of "random" UIDs, which always start with 0x08. The nfc-
emulate-uid tool demonstrates that this can still be done using transmission of raw
frames, and the desired UID can be optionally specified.

This makes it a serious thread for security systems that rely only on the uniqueness of
the UID.

Unfortunately, this example can't directly start in fully customisable target mode. Just
after launching this example, you will have to go through the hardcoded initial anti-
collision with the 0x08-prefixed UID. To achieve it, you can e.g. send a RATS (Request
for Answer To Select) command by using a second NFC device (placed in target's field) and
launching nfc-list or nfc-anticol. After this first step, you now have a NFC device
(configured as target) that really emulates a custom UID. You could view it using the
second NFC device with nfc-list.

Timing control is very important for a successful anti-collision sequence:

- The emulator must be very fast to react: Using the ACR122 device gives many timing
issues, "PN53x only" USB devices also give some timing issues but an embedded
microprocessor would probably improve greatly the situation.

- The reader should not be too strict on timing (the standard is very strict). The OmniKey
CardMan 5321 is known to be very large on timings and is a good choice if you want to
experiment with this emulator with a tolerant reader. Nokia NFC 6212 and Pegoda readers
are much too strict and won't be fooled.


UID 8 hex digits format that represents desired UID (default is DEADBEEF).


ACR122 devices (like touchatag, etc.) can be used by this example (with timing issues),
but if something goes wrong, you will have to unplug/replug your device. This is not a
libnfc's bug, this problem is due to ACR122's internal MCU in front of NFC chip (PN532).

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