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pon, poff, plog - starts up, shuts down or lists the log of PPP connections


pon [ isp-name [ options ] ]
poff [ -r ] [ -d ] [ -c ] [ -a ] [ -h ] [ isp-name ]
plog [ arguments ]


This manual page describes the pon, plog and poff scripts, which allow users to control
PPP connections.

pon, invoked without arguments, runs the /etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot file, if it exists and is
executable. Otherwise, a PPP connection will be started using configuration from
/etc/ppp/peers/provider. This is the default behaviour unless an isp-name argument is

For instance, to use ISP configuration "myisp" run:

pon myisp

pon will then use the options file /etc/ppp/peers/myisp. You can pass additional pppd
options after the ISP name, too. pon can be used to run multiple, simultaneous PPP

pon takes the following command line options:

-q --quick
disconnect when ip-up finishes running. This function is only available to
the root user.

poff closes a PPP connection. If more than one PPP connection exists, the one named in the
argument to poff will be killed, e.g.

poff myprovider2

will terminate the connection to myprovider2, and leave the PPP connections to e.g.
"myprovider1" or "myprovider3" up and running.

poff takes the following command line options:

-r causes the connection to be redialed after it is dropped.

-d toggles the state of pppd's debug option.

-c causes pppd(8) to renegotiate compression.

-a stops all running ppp connections. If the argument isp-name is given it will
be ignored.

-h displays help information.

-v prints the version and exits.

If no argument is given, poff will stop or signal pppd if and only if there is
exactly one running. If more than one connection is active, it will exit with an
error code of 1.

plog shows you the last few lines of /var/log/ppp.log. If that file doesn't exist, it
shows you the last few lines of your /var/log/syslog file, but excluding the lines not
generated by pppd. This script makes use of the tail(1) command, so arguments that can be
passed to tail(1) can also be passed to plog.

Note: the plog script can only be used by root or another system administrator in group
"adm", due to security reasons. Also, to have all pppd-generated information in one
logfile, that plog can show, you need the following line in your /etc/syslog.conf file:

local2.* -/var/log/ppp.log

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