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rotix - A program to generate rotational obfuscations


rotix [ -f file ] [ -o file ] [ -r value ]

rotix -t text [ -o file ] [ -r value ]


rotix is a program that creates rotational obfuscations. Most famously in this field is
the ROT-13 obfuscation.

Please note that rotix creates obfuscations and not encryptions. You should not consider
your data safe when you ran rotix over it. rotix-like programs are only used to have a
"public secret". Mostly to prevent people from directly reading it, in case of offensive
material or the like. Use it as such and not as an encryption tool. If you want to
encrypt your data have a look at gpg(1).


-f file, --file=file
Specifies a file that contains the text to rotate. This can be stdin (indicated
with a dash "-").

This option cannot be used in conjunction with -t. When neither is given, -f - is

-o file, --output=file
The output is appended to the specified file. You can specify stdout (again,
indicated by a single dash "-"). In fact, stdout is assumed when this option is

-r value, --rot=value
Specifies the rotational value to use. When -r is omitted, -r 13 is assumed.
Negative values are accepted.

A special value is 'auto'. rotix will then output every unique obfuscation. Please
note that this generates at least 25 lines of output. You might want to specify an
output-file or pipe it to more or less.

-a, --auto
Alias for -r auto

-t text, --text=text
This specifies the text to rotate. You cannot use it in conjunction with -f.

Please note that -t takes exactly 1 (one) parameter. So if you have special
characters (like spaces) in your text, you might want to escape or quote them.

-R, --right
This rotates the letters to the right. [Default]

-L, --left
This rotates the letters to the left.

-h, --help
Displays the command-line options.

-v, --version
Outputs the version number of rotix.


If you have large amounts of text that is rotated and of which you do not what the
rotational value is, specify the -t option and give the first line of the text as
parameter. Use -a to check which rotational value is used. Then use that value to
deobfuscate the entire text. This is easier and faster.

If you specify -a it is always a good idea to use less.

Rotix has the ability to recalculate values. A rotational value of 27 will be recalculated
to 1. Rotix can also handle negative values. However, you can use the -L and -R options
as well to keep using the same values. It is a matter of taste.


Rotix is Copyright © 2001 Sjoerd Hemminga

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not


Please report bugs to <[email protected]>

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