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rr - record and replay application execution


rr dump [<options>] [<trace-dir>] [<event-specs>]
rr gdbinit
rr help [<command>]
rr ps [<trace-dir>]
rr record [<options>] <executable> [<exe-args>]
rr replay [<options>] [<trace-dir>]


Common options
-A <name>, --microarch=<name>
force rr to assume it's running on a CPU with microarch name even if runtime
detection says otherwise. name should be a string like `Ivy Bridge'.

-C {on-syscalls,on-all-events,<from-time>}, --checksum={on-syscalls,on-all-events,<from-
compute and store (during recording) or read and verify (during replay) checksums
of each of a tracee's memory mappings either at the end of all syscalls
(on-syscalls), at all events (on-all-events), or starting from a global timepoint

-D {<syscall-num,-<signal-num>}, --dump-on={<syscall-num,-<signal-num>}
dump memory at syscall or signal to the file tid.time_{rec,rep} in trace-dir; _rec
for dumps during recording, _rep for dumps during replay.

-F, --force-things
force rr to do some things that don't seem like good ideas, such as launching an
interactive emergency debugger if stderr isn't a tty.

-K, --check-cached-mmaps
verify that cached task mmaps match /proc/maps.

-E, --fatal-errors
any warning or error that is printed is treated as fatal.

-M, --mark-stdio
mark stdio writes with [rr <pid> <ev>] where ev is the global trace time at which
the write occurs and pid is the pid of the process it occurs in.

-N, --version
print the version number and exit.

-S, --suppress-environment-warnings
suppress warnings about issues in the environment that rr has no control over.

-T <time>, --dump-at=<time>
dump memory at global timepoint time

-V, --verbose
log messages that may not be urgently critical to the user

-W <num-secs>, --wait-secs=<num-secs>
wait num-secs seconds just after startup, before initiating recording or replaying.

Syntax for `record'
rr record [<options>] <executable> [<exe-args>]

-b, --force-syscall-buffer
force the systall buffer preload library to be used, even if that's probably a bad

-c <num>, --num-cpu-ticks=<num>
maximum number of `CPU ticks' (currently retired conditional branches) to allow a
task to run before interrupting it

-e <num>, --num-events=<num>
maximum number of events (syscall enter/exit, signal, CPU interrupt, ...) to allow
a task before descheduling it

-i <signal>, --ignore-signal=<signal>
block signal from being delivered to tracees; probably only useful for unit tests

-n, --no-syscall-buffer
disable the syscall buffer preload library even if it would otherwise be used

-u, --cpu-unbound
allow tracees to run on any virtual CPU (default is to bind to CPU 0); this option
can cause replay divergence: use with caution

-v <name>=<value>, --env=<name>=<value>
value to add to the environment of the tracee; there can be any number of these

Syntax for `replay'
rr replay [<options>] [<trace-dir>]

-a, --autopilot
replay without debug server

-d <command>, --debugger=<command>
use command as the gdb(1) command

-f <pid>, --onfork=<pid>
start a debug server when pid has been forked, and the target event has been

-g <event-num>, --goto=<event-num>
start a debug server on reaching event-num in the trace; see -M in the general

-p {<pid>,<command>}, --onprocess={<pid>,<command>}
start a debug server when pid or command has been exec'd, and the target event has
been reached

-q, --no-redirect-output
don't replay writes to stdout/stderr

-s <port>, --dbgport=<port>
only start a debug server on port; don't automatically launch the debugger client

-t <event>, --trace=<event>
singlestep instructions and dump register states when replaying towards event or

-x <file>, --gdb-x=<file>
execute gdb(1) commands from file

Syntax for `dump`
rr dump [<options>] [<trace-dir>] [<event-specs>]

Event specs can be either an event number like `127', or a range like `1000-5000'. By
default, all events are dumped.

-b, --syscallbuf
dump syscallbuf contents

-m, --recorded-metadata
dump recorded metadata

-p, --mmaps
dump mmap data

-r, --raw
dump trace frames in a more easily machine-parseable format instead of the default
human-readable format

-s, --statistics
dump statistics about the trace


rr was written by Robert O'Callahan, Chris Jones, Nathan Froyd and others.

This manual page was adapted from the help output by Stephen Kitt <[email protected]>, for
the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). It was last modified for rr
version 4.0.1.

rr - record and replay application executiNovember 2015 rr(1)

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