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rtl_adsb - a simple ADS-B decoder


Uses a re-purposed DVB-T receiver as a software defined radio to receive and decode ADS-B
data. Written by Kyle Keen and incorporated in the osmocom rtl-sdr project.

Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast, ADS-B, consists of position and other status
data transmitted by aircraft in support of air traffic control in order to improve safety
of flight.

Much software is available for the RTL2832. Most of the user-level packages rely on the
librtlsdr library which comes as part of the rtl-sdr codebase. This codebase contains both
the library itself and also a number of command line tools such as rtl_test, rtl_sdr,
rtl_tcp, and rtl_fm. These command line tools use the library to test for the existence of
RTL2832 devices and to perform basic data transfer functions to and from the device.

Because most of the RTL2832 devices are connected using USB, the librtlsdr library depends
on the libusb library to communicate with the device.


With a suitable antenna for receiving the 1090 MHz signal attached to the rtl-sdr
supported device, this program will output the data decoded from that signal.


rtl_adsb [-R] [-g gain] [-p ppm] [output file]


-d device_index (default: 0)

-V verbove output (default: off)

-S show short frames (default: off)

-Q quality (0: no sanity checks, 0.5: half bit, 1: one bit (default), 2: two bits)

-e allowed_errors (default: 5)

-g tuner_gain (default: automatic)

-p ppm_error (default: 0)

(a '-' dumps samples to stdout)
(omitting the filename also uses stdout)


Streaming with netcat:
rtl_adsb | netcat -lp 8080

while true; do rtl_adsb | nc -lp 8080; done

Streaming with socat:
rtl_adsb | socat -u - TCP4:sdrsharp.com:47806

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