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sgmlpre - handle SGML conditionalization for SGML-tools


sgmlpre [options] ...


This manual page documents briefly the sgmlpre commands. This manual page was written for
the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page
for sgmlpre.

sgmlpre is a program that handle SGML conditionalization for SGML-tools

It is used by other programs in sgml-tools (v1), and usually normal user does not need to
use this program directly by himself.

Following is quoted from the header in the source code.

(Begin Quotes)

sgmlpre -- handle SGML conditionalization for SGML-tools by Eric S. Raymond
<[email protected]>, 3 Nov 1997

Filter SGML according to conditionalizing markup. Argument/value pairs from the
command line are matched against the attributes of <#if> and <#unless> tags. Spans
between <#if>/</#if> are passed through unaltered if there is no attribute
mismatch; spans between <#unless></#unless> are passed if there is at least one
attribute mismatch. An attribute mismatch happens if an attribute occurs in both
the command-line arguments and the tag, but the values do not match. Value
matching is by string equality, except that "|" is interpreted as an alternation
character. Even if a span is not passed through, its newlines are (this to avoid
messing up the line numbers in error messages).

This lexer requires flex. Limitations; attribute names may only be 256 chars long,
values may be only 16384 (YY_BUF_SIZE) characters long. Doesn't do checking that
only </if> matches <if> and </unless> matches <unless> (that would need a stack and
introduce another limit).

(End Quotes)


The program does not support normal command line options.

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