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taskset - set or retrieve a process's CPU affinity


taskset [options] mask command [argument...]
taskset [options] -p [mask] pid


taskset is used to set or retrieve the CPU affinity of a running process given its pid, or
to launch a new command with a given CPU affinity. CPU affinity is a scheduler property
that "bonds" a process to a given set of CPUs on the system. The Linux scheduler will
honor the given CPU affinity and the process will not run on any other CPUs. Note that
the Linux scheduler also supports natural CPU affinity: the scheduler attempts to keep
processes on the same CPU as long as practical for performance reasons. Therefore,
forcing a specific CPU affinity is useful only in certain applications.

The CPU affinity is represented as a bitmask, with the lowest order bit corresponding to
the first logical CPU and the highest order bit corresponding to the last logical CPU.
Not all CPUs may exist on a given system but a mask may specify more CPUs than are
present. A retrieved mask will reflect only the bits that correspond to CPUs physically
on the system. If an invalid mask is given (i.e., one that corresponds to no valid CPUs
on the current system) an error is returned. The masks are typically given in
hexadecimal. For example,

0x00000001 is processor #0,

0x00000003 is processors #0 and #1,

0xFFFFFFFF is all processors (#0 through #31).

When taskset returns, it is guaranteed that the given program has been scheduled to a
legal CPU.


-a, --all-tasks
Set or retrieve the CPU affinity of all the tasks (threads) for a given PID.

-c, --cpu-list numbers
Specify a numerical list of processors instead of a bitmask. The numbers are
separated by commas and may include ranges. For example: 0,5,8-11.

-p, --pid
Operate on an existing PID and do not launch a new task.

-V, --version
Display version information and exit.

-h, --help
Display help text and exit.


The default behavior is to run a new command with a given affinity mask:
taskset mask command [arguments]

You can also retrieve the CPU affinity of an existing task:
taskset -p pid

Or set it:
taskset -p mask pid


A user can change the CPU affinity of a process belonging to the same user. A user must
possess CAP_SYS_NICE to change the CPU affinity of a process belonging to another user. A
user can retrieve the affinity mask of any process.

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