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tstd - Tool for State Transition Diagrams


tstd [options] [diagram]


tstd is an X11/Motif based graphical editor for drawing state transition diagrams.
Diagrams can be loaded from and stored to a file. It can print diagrams to a PostScript
printer or save as PostScript to a file.

tstd is part of The Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM).


You can call tstd with a single diagram name as argument. If this argument is an existing
file then tstd tries to load a diagram from it. If it does not exist, a new diagram is
created with the argument as diagram name. tstd files should have suffix '*.std'.

Without a diagram argument, tstd creates a new empty state transition diagram with the
name 'untitled.std'.

In addition to the standard X11 toolkit options (see X11(7)) tstd accepts the options
listed below:

-drawing widthxheight
Create a drawing area of width pixels wide and height pixels high.

-help Write all available options to standard output and quit.

-maxdrawing widthxheight
The drawing area can not be larger than width pixels wide and height pixels high.

Start the editor with a private colormap.

-projdir directory
Set the project directory (current working directory) to directory.

-toEPS [file.eps]
Generate EPS (to file.eps or stdout when no file name was given) and quit.

-toFig [file.fig] [-latex]
Generate Fig format (to file.fig or stdout when no file name was given and quit.
When the -latex option is given, LaTeX fonts are generated, otherwise normal
PostScript fonts are generated. The Fig format can be read by xfig(1) and

-toPNG file.png
Generate PNG format to file.png and quit.

-toPS [file.ps]
Generate PostScript (to file.ps or stdout when no file name was given) and quit.

Write the TCM version to standard output and quit.


The TCM_HOME environment variable should be the directory where the TCM files are

PATH Should include $TCM_HOME/bin

Should include $TCM_HOME/man

Name of the default printer that is used by tstd.

Should include $TCM_HOME/lib when the distribution contains shared object libraries
in $TCM_HOME/lib.

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