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web2py - web2py Web Framework server launcher


web2py [options]


web2py is a the startup script to launch web2py server running applications located the
current directory. If the user has not write permissions on this directory, web2py will
server applications located at ~/web2py

ATTENTION: unless --nogui option or a password is specified (-a "passwd") web2py will
attempt to run a GUI. In this case command line options are ignored.


These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with
two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below. For a complete description,
see the Info files.

Show version of program and exit.

-h, --help
Show summary of options and exit.

-i IP, --ip=IP
Ip address of the server (defaults:

-p PORT, --port=PORT
Port of server (defaults:8000)

-a PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
Password to be used for administration (use -a "<recycle>" to reuse the last

File that contains ssl certificate

-k SSL_PRIVATE_KEY, --ssl_private_key=SSL_PRIVATE_KEY
File that contains ssl private key

-d PID_FILENAME, --pid_filename=PID_FILENAME
File to store the pid of the server

-l LOG_FILENAME, --log_filename=LOG_FILENAME
File to log connections

Number of threads (deprecated)

Minimum number of server threads

Maximum number of server threads

-s SERVER_NAME, --server_name=SERVER_NAME
Server name for the web server

Max number of queued requests when server unavailable

-o TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT
Timeout for individual request (Defaults: 10 seconds)

Timeout on shutdown of server (Defaults: 5 seconds)

-f FOLDER, --folder=FOLDER
Folder from which to run web2py

-v, --verbose
Increase --test verbosity

-Q, --quiet
Disable all output

Set debug output level (0-100, 0 means all, 100 means none; default is 30)

Run web2py in interactive shell or IPython (if installed) with specified appname
(if app does not exist it will be created).

-P, --plain
Only use plain python shell; should be used with --shell option

-M, --import_models
Auto import model files; default is False; should be used with --shell option

Run PYTHON_FILE in web2py environment; should be used with --shell option

Run doctests in web2py environment; TEST_PATH like a/c/f (c,f optional)

-C, --cron
Trigger a cron run manually; usually invoked from a system crontab

Triggers the use of softcron

-N, --no-cron
Do not start cron automatically

-J, --cronjob
Identify cron-initiated command

-L CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
Config file

Profiler filename

Text-only, no GUI

-A ARGS, --args=ARGS
Should be followed by a list of arguments to be passed to script, to be used with
-S, -A must be the last option

Allows multiple interfaces to be served


The latest version of web2py can always be obtained from


The Official web2py book is available at http://www.web2py.com/book

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