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whom - report to whom a message would go


whom [-alias aliasfile] [-check | -nocheck] [-draftfolder +folder] [-draftmessage msg]
[-nodraftfolder] [-mts smtp | sendmail/smtp | sendmail/pipe] [-server servername]
[-port port-name/number] [-sasl] [-saslmech mechanism] [-snoop] [-user username]
[-tls] [-notls] [file] [-draft] [-version] [-help]


Whom is used to expand the headers of a message into a set of addresses and optionally
verify that those addresses are deliverable at that time (if -check is given).

The -draftfolder +folder and -draftmessage msg switches invoke the nmh draft folder
facility. This is an advanced (and highly useful) feature. Consult the mh-draft(5) man
page for more information.

The mail transport system default is provided in /etc/nmh/mts.conf but can be overriiden
here with the -mts switch.

If nmh is using the SMTP MTA, the -server and the -port switches can be used to override
the default mail server (defined by the /etc/nmh/mts.conf servers entry). The -snoop
switch can be used to view the SMTP transaction. (Beware that the SMTP transaction may
contain authentication information either in plaintext or easily decoded base64.)

If nmh has been compiled with SASL support, the -sasl switch will enable the use of SASL
authentication with the SMTP MTA. Depending on the SASL mechanism used, this may require
an additional password prompt from the user (but the netrc file can be used to store this
password, as described in the mh-profile(5) man page). The -saslmech switch can be used
to select a particular SASL mechanism, and the -user switch can be used to select a
authorization userid to provide to SASL other than the default. The credentials profile
entry in the mh-profile(5) man page describes the ways to supply a username and password.

If SASL authentication is successful, nmh will attempt to negotiate a security layer for
session encryption. Encrypted data is labelled with `(encrypted)' and `(decrypted)' when
viewing the SMTP transaction with the -snoop switch. The -saslmaxssf switch can be used
to select the maximum value of the Security Strength Factor. This is an integer value and
the exact meaning of this value depends on the underlying SASL mechanism. A value of 0
disables encryption.

If nmh has been compiled with TLS support, the -tls and -notls switches will require and
disable the negotiation of TLS support when connecting to the SMTP MTA. Encrypted data is
labelled with `(tls-encrypted)' and `(tls-decrypted)' when viewing the SMTP transction
with the -snoop switch.

The files specified by the profile entry “Aliasfile:” and any additional alias files given
by the -alias aliasfile switch will be read (more than one file, each preceded by -alias,
can be named). See mh-alias(5) for more information.

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