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wifite - Python script to automate wireless auditing using aircrack-ng tools




Wifite is a tool to audit WEP or WPA encrypted wireless networks. It uses aircrack-ng,
pyrit, reaver, tshark tools to perform the audit.

This tool is customizable to be automated with only a few arguments and can be trusted to
run without supervision.


-check <file> check capfile <file> for handshakes.
-cracked display previously-cracked access points


-all attack all targets. [off]
-i <iface> wireless interface for capturing [auto]
-mac Changes MAC address of 'iface' to a random MAC. [off]
-c <channel> channel to scan for targets [auto]
-e <essid> target a specific access point by ssid (name) [ask]
-b <bssid> target a specific access point by bssid (mac) [auto]
-showb display target BSSIDs after scan [off]
-pow <db> attacks any targets with signal strenghth > db [0]
-q -quiet do not print list of APs during scan [off]


-wpa only target WPA networks (works with -wps -wep) [off]
-wpat <sec> time to wait for WPA attack to complete (seconds) [500]
-wpadt <sec> time to wait between sending deauth packets (sec) [10]
-strip strip handshake using tshark or pyrit [off]
-crack <dic> crack WPA handshakes using <dic> wordlist file [off]
-dict <file> specify dictionary to use when cracking WPA [phpbb.txt]
-aircrack verify handshake using aircrack [on]
-pyrit verify handshake using pyrit [off]
-tshark verify handshake using tshark [on]


-wep only target WEP networks [off]
-pps <num> set the number of packets per second to inject [600]
-wept <sec> sec to wait for each attack, 0 implies endless [600]
-chopchop use chopchop attack [on]
-arpreplay use arpreplay attack [on]
-fragment use fragmentation attack [on]
-caffelatte use caffe-latte attack [on]
-p0841 use -p0841 attack [on]
-hirte use hirte (cfrag) attack [on]
-nofakeauth stop attack if fake authentication fails [off]
-wepca <n> start cracking when number of ivs surpass n [10000]
-wepsave save a copy of .cap files to this directory [off]


-wps only target WPS networks [off]
-wpst -wpstime <sec> max wait for new retry before giving up (0: never) [660]
-wpsratio -wpsr <per> min ratio of successful PIN attempts/total tries [0]
-wpsretry -wpsmaxr <num> max number of retries for same PIN before giving up [0]


-upgrade Checks for new version
-update Checks for new version


./wifite.py -wps -wep -c 6 -pps 600

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