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winemaker - generate a build infrastructure for compiling Windows programs on Unix


winemaker [ --nobanner ] [ --backup | --nobackup ] [ --nosource-fix ]
[ --lower-none | --lower-all | --lower-uppercase ]
[ --lower-include | --nolower-include ] [ --mfc | --nomfc ]
[ --guiexe | --windows | --cuiexe | --console | --dll | --lib ]
[ -Dmacro[=defn] ] [ -Idir ] [ -Pdir ] [ -idll ] [ -Ldir ] [ -llibrary ]
[ --nodlls ] [ --nomsvcrt ] [ --interactive ] [ --single-target name ]
[ --generated-files ] [ --nogenerated-files ]
[ --wine32 ]
work_directory | project_file | workspace_file


winemaker is a perl script designed to help you bootstrap the process of converting your
Windows sources to Winelib programs.

In order to do this winemaker can perform the following operations:

- rename your source files and directories to lowercase in the event they got all
uppercased during the transfer.

- perform DOS to Unix (CRLF to LF) conversions.

- scan the include statements and resource file references to replace the backslashes with
forward slashes.

- during the above step winemaker will also perform a case insensitive search of the
referenced file in the include path and rewrite the include statement with the right case
if necessary.

- winemaker will also check other more exotic issues like #pragma pack usage, use of
afxres.h in non MFC projects, and more. Whenever it encounters something out of the
ordinary, it will warn you about it.

- winemaker can also scan a complete directory tree at once, guess what are the
executables and libraries you are trying to build, match them with source files, and
generate the corresponding Makefile.

- finally winemaker will generate a global Makefile for normal use.

- winemaker knows about MFC-based project and will generate customized files.

- winemaker can read existing project files. It supports dsp, dsw, vcproj and sln files.


Disable the printing of the banner.

Perform a backup of all the modified source files. This is the default.

Do not backup modified source files.

Do no try to fix the source files (e.g. DOS to Unix conversion). This prevents
complaints if the files are readonly.

Rename all files and directories to lowercase.

Only rename files and directories that have an all uppercase name. So HELLO.C
would be renamed but not World.c.

Do not rename files and directories to lower case. Note that this does not prevent
the renaming of a file if its extension cannot be handled as is, e.g. ".Cxx". This
is the default.

When the file corresponding to an include statement (or other form of file
reference for resource files) cannot be found, convert that filename to lowercase.
This is the default.

Do not modify the include statement if the referenced file cannot be found.

--guiexe | --windows
Assume a graphical application when an executable target or a target of unknown
type is found. This is the default.

--cuiexe | --console
Assume a console application when an executable target or a target of unknown type
is found.

--dll Assume a dll when a target of unknown type is found, i.e. when winemaker is unable
to determine whether it is an executable, a dll, or a static library,

--lib Assume a static library when a target of unknown type is found, i.e. when winemaker
is unable to determine whether it is an executable, a dll, or a static library,

--mfc Specify that the targets are MFC based. In such a case winemaker adapts the include
and library paths accordingly, and links the target with the MFC library.

Specify that targets are not MFC-based. This option disables use of MFC libraries
even if winemaker encounters files stdafx.cpp or stdafx.h that would cause it to
enable MFC automatically if neither --nomfc nor --mfc was specified.

Add the specified macro definition to the global list of macro definitions.

-Idir Append the specified directory to the global include path.

-Pdir Append the specified directory to the global dll path.

-idll Add the Winelib library to the global list of Winelib libraries to import.

-Ldir Append the specified directory to the global library path.

Add the specified library to the global list of libraries to link with.

Do not use the standard set of Winelib libraries for imports. That is, any DLL
your code uses must be explicitly passed with -i options. The standard set of
libraries is: odbc32.dll, odbccp32.dll, ole32.dll, oleaut32.dll and winspool.drv.

Set some options to tell winegcc not to compile against msvcrt. Use this option if
you have cpp-files that include <string>.

Use interactive mode. In this mode winemaker will ask you to confirm the list of
targets for each directory, and then to provide directory and target specific

--single-target name
Specify that there is only one target, called name.

Generate the Makefile. This is the default.

Do not generate the Makefile.

Generate a 32-bit target. This is useful on wow64 systems. Without that option the
default architecture is used.


Here is a typical winemaker use:

$ winemaker --lower-uppercase -DSTRICT .

The above tells winemaker to scan the current directory and its subdirectories for source
files. Whenever if finds a file or directory which name is all uppercase, it should rename
it to lowercase. It should then fix all these source files for compilation with Winelib
and generate Makefiles. The -DSTRICT specifies that the STRICT macro must be set when
compiling these sources. Finally a Makefile will be created.

The next step would be:

$ make

If at this point you get compilation errors (which is quite likely for a reasonably sized
project) then you should consult the Winelib User Guide to find tips on how to resolve

For an MFC-based project you would have to run the following commands instead:

$ winemaker --lower-uppercase --mfc .
$ make

For an existing project-file you would have to run the following commands:

$ winemaker myproject.dsp
$ make


In some cases you will have to edit the Makefile or source files manually.

Assuming that the windows executable/library is available, we could use winedump to
determine what kind of executable it is (graphical or console), which libraries it is
linked with, and which functions it exports (for libraries). We could then restore all
these settings for the corresponding Winelib target.

Furthermore winemaker is not very good at finding the library containing the executable:
it must either be in the current directory or in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

winemaker does not support message files and the message compiler yet.

Bugs can be reported on the Wine bug trackerhttp://bugs.winehq.org⟩.


François Gouget for CodeWeavers
Dimitrie O. Paun
André Hentschel


winemaker is part of the Wine distribution, which is available through WineHQ, the Wine
development headquartershttp://www.winehq.org/⟩.

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