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xml2rfc - format RFCs using XML markup


xml2rfc SOURCE [OPTIONS] ...


Example: xml2rfc draft.xml -o Draft-1.0 --text --html


-h, --help
show this help message and exit


Any or all of the following output formats may be specified. The default is --text.
The destination filename will be based on the input filename, unless an argument is
given to --basename.

--text outputs to a text file with proper page breaks

--html outputs to an html file

outputs to an nroff file

--raw outputs to a text file, unpaginated

--exp outputs to an XML file with all references expanded

Plain Options:

-C, --clear-cache
purge the cache and exit

-n, --no-dtd
disable DTD validation step

-N, --no-network
don't use the network to resolve references

-q, --quiet
dont print anything

-v, --verbose
print extra information

-V, --version
display the version number and exit

Other Options:

-b NAME, --basename=NAME
specify the base name for output files

-c CACHE, --cache=CACHE
specify an alternate cache directory to write to

-d DTD, --dtd=DTD
specify an alternate dtd file

-D DATE, --date=DATE
run as if thedate is DATE (format: yyyy-mm-dd)

-f FILE, --filename=FILE
Deprecated. The same as -o.

-o FILE, --out=FILE
specify an explicit output filename

Format Options:

Some formats accept additional format-specific options

with --text: calculate page breaks, and emit form feeds and page top spacing, but
omit headers and footers from the paginated format

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