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xpath - a script to query XPath statements in XML documents.


xpath [-s suffix] [-p prefix] [-n] [-q] -e query [-e query] ... [file] ...


xpath uses the XML::XPath perl module to make XPath queries to any XML document. The
XML::XPath module aims to comply exactly to the XPath specification at
"http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath" and yet allows extensions to be added in the form of

The script takes any number of XPath pointers and tries to apply them to each XML document
given on the command line. If no file arguments are given, the query is done using "STDIN"
as an XML document.

When multiple queries exist, the result of the last query is used as context for the next
query and only the result of the last one is output. The context of the first query is
always the root of the current document.


Be quiet. Output only errors (and no separator) on stderr.

Never use an external DTD, ie. instantiate the XML::Parser module with 'ParseParamEnt =>

-s suffix
Place "suffix" at the end of each entry. Default is a linefeed.

-p prefix
Place "prefix" preceding each entry. Default is nothing.

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