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xppaut - X Phase plane plus AUTO. Solves many kinds of equations.


xppaut [-silent] [-xorfix] [-convert]
[-newseed] [-ee] [-allwin]
[-white] [-setfile file] [-runnow]
[-bigfont font] [-smallfont font] [-parfile file]
[-outfile file] [-icfile file] [-grads boolean] [-bell boolean]
[-forecolor color] [-backcolor color] [-backimage image]
[-quiet boolean] [-logfile file] [-internset boolean] [-uset setname]
[-rset setname] [-include file] [-qics] [-qpars] [-qsets]
[-anifile file] [file...]


xppaut is a tool for solving:

· differential equations
· difference equations
· delay equations
· functional equations
· differential-algebraic equation
· boundary value problems
· stochastic equations

The code brings together a number of useful algorithms and is written in C. All the
graphics and interface are created using the X Window System protocol client library Xlib

xppaut capabilities:
· Handles up to 1950 differential equations.
· There are over a dozen solvers including several for stiff systems, a solver for
integral equations and a symplectic solver
· Up to 10 graphics windows can be visible at once and a variety of color combinations
is supported
· PostScript output is supported as well as GIF and animated GIF movies
· Post processing is easy and includes the ability to make histograms, FFTs and applying
functions to columns of data
· Equilibria and linear stability as well as one-dimensional invariant sets can be
· Nullclines and flow fields aid in the qualitative understanding of two-dimensional
· Poincare maps and equations on cylinders and tori are also supported
· Some useful averaging theory tricks and various methods for dealing with coupled
· Equations with Dirac delta functions are allowable
· Animations of simulations such as a little pendulum moving back and forth or lamprey
· A curve-fitter based on the Marquardt-Levenberg algorithm which lets you fit dynamical
systems to data
· Generate "movies" of three-dimensional views of attractors or parametric changes in
the attractor as some parameters vary
· Dynamically link to external subroutines
· From the command line type /dev/stdin as the file and you can write the ODE on the fly


Batch run without the interface and dump solutions to a file

Work-around for exclusive Or with X on some monitors/graphics setups

Convert old style ODE files (e.g. phaseplane) to new ODE style

Randomizes the random number generator which will often use the same seed

Emulates shortcuts of Evil Empire style (MS)

Brings XPP up with all the windows visible

Swaps foreground and background colors

-setfile filename
Loads the set file before starting up

Runs ode file immediately upon startup (implied by -silent)

-bigfont font
Use the big font whose filename is given

-smallfont font
Use the small font whose filename is given

-parfile filename
Load parameters from the named file

-outfile filename
Send output to this file (default is output.dat)

-icfile filename
Load initial conditions from the named file

-forecolor color
Hexadecimal color (e.g. 000000) for foreground

-backcolor color
Hexadecimal color (e.g. EDE9E3) for background

-mwcolor color
Hexadecimal color (e.g. 808080) for main window

-dwcolor color
Hexadecimal color (e.g. FFFFFF) for drawing window

-backimage filename
Name of bitmap file (.xbm) to tile in background

For example, the following text saved to a file named stipple2.xbm can be loaded to
impart a stippled background.

#define stipple2_width 2
#define stipple2_height 2
static char stipple2_bits[] = {
-grads B
Color gradients will (B=1) or will not (B=0) be used

-width N
Minimum width in pixels of main window

-height N
Minimum height in pixels of main window

-bell B
System bell on events will (B=1) or will not (B=0) be used

-internset B
Internal sets will (B=1) or will not (B=0) be run during batch run

-uset setname
Named internal set will be run during batch run

-rset setname
Named internal set will not be run during batch run

-include filename
Named file will be included (see include directive)

Query internal sets (output saved to OUTFILE)

Query parameters (output saved to OUTFILE)

Query initial conditions (output saved to OUTFILE)

-quiet B
Verbose log messages will (B=0) or will not be (B=1) written

-logfile filename
Verbose log messages are written to named file instead of stdout

-anifile filename
Load animation (.ani) from the named file


File browser will open to the specified path. This may be useful in an
instructional setting to point to a mapped drive containing course materials.

Path to the XPPAUT documentation file <xpphelp.html> (e.g.

Web browser to view documentation (e.g. /usr/bin/firefox)

Use xppaut online using onworks.net services

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