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xspect, vgaspect - ZX Spectrum emulator


xspect [options] [[filetype] filename]

vgaspect [options] [[filetype] filename]


Spectemu is a 48k Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for Linux and other UNIX operating

The program xspect can be started in X11, and opens up a window to display the screen of
the Spectrum. Do not start xspect in the background, because it uses the terminal to read
filenames, and to print information on the state of the emulator.

The vgaspect program can only be started on a Linux console, and uses the SVGALIB library.
On non linux systems this program is not available.


For both xspect and vgaspect a snapshot file or a tape file can be specified on the
command line. The file can have the extension .z80 , .sna , .tap or .tzx (the extension
can be ommitted).

The option -help displays a list of available options. For a more complete list, and
description see the file README.

For xspect The following options also have meaning:

Open the window on DISPLAYNAME instead of the default

Change the title of the window to WINDOWNAME


You can press Ctrl-H to get help on what keys to use.

For more information on the features available in Spectemu see the file README distributed
with the emulator.

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