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xymondigest - calculate message digests


xymondigest md5|sha1|sha256|sha512|sha224|sha384|rmd160 [filename]


xymondigest(1) is a utility to calculate message digests for a file or document. It is
used when defining HTTP- or FTP-based content checks, where xymonnet(1) checks that a URL
returns a specific document; instead of having to compare the entire document, the
comparison is done against a pre-computed message digest value using the MD5, RIPEMD160,
SHA1 or any of the SHA2 (SHA-512, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-224) message digest algorithms.

The optional filename parameter is the input file whose message digest should be
calculated; if no filename is given, the data is read from standard input.

xymondigest outputs a string containing the digest algorithm and the computed message
digest. This is in a format suitable for use in the hosts.cfg(5) definition of a content


$ xymondigest md5 index.html

$ curl -s http://www.foo.com/ | xymondigest sha1

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