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xzoom - magnify part of the screen, with fast updates


xzoom [ -display displayname ] [ -mag mag [ mag ] ] [ -x ] [ -y ] [ -xy ] [ -geometry
geometry ] [ -source geometry ]


-display displayname | -d displayname
The name of the display to use (not very useful).

-mag mag [ mag ]
What magnification to use. If two number arguments are supplied the first is used for
X magnifications and the second is used for Y magnification. Magnification should be
greater than 0.

-x Mirror horizontally.

-y Mirror vertically.

-xy | -z
Exchange X and Y axes before any magnification is performed.

-geometry geometry | =geometry
Size and position xzoom's window.

-source geometry
Size and position the initial source area which is magnified. The dimensions of this
area are multiplied by the magnification to get the size of xzoom's window. If these
dimensions are given separately (by use of -geometry ) then an error is reported.


Xzoom displays in its window a magnified area of the X11 display. The user can
interactively change the zoomed area, the window size, magnification (optionally different
magnification for X and Y axes) or rotate or mirror the image.


Once xzoom has started the user can enter simple commands using the keyboard.

q quit.

+ increase magnification value by 1.

- decrease magnification value by 1.

w next + or - command only affect X magnification.

h next + or - command only affect Y magnification.

x mirror the display image horizontally.

y mirror the display image vertically.

z rotate the displayed image 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

arrow keys
scroll the zoomed area 1 pixel in the direction of the arrow. if the control key is
pressed the zoomed area will scroll 10 pixels.

d sets the delay between frame updates. Built-in delays are 200, 100, 50, 10 and 0 ms.

g toggle grid on and off.

Mouse buttons
To set the location of the magnified are click the left mouse button inside xzoom's
window and then move it (keep the button pressed) to the place which you want to see

Xzoom allow you to resize it's window at any time.

When xzoom is iconified it simply waits to get deiconified.


Xzoom uses the window's title bar to inform the user about it's status. Normally the title
says something like xzoom x2 which means the magnification is 2 both in X and Y axes. If
the image is stretched differently on the X and Y axes the title will say xzoom X 2; Y 4.
Negative numbers mean reflection. If the image is rotated by 90 or 270 degrees the title
will show <=> between the X and Y values.

When d is depressed the title will display the new delay value for approximately 2 seconds
and then revert to the default display of magnification values.


Xzoom is fast enough to display enlarged or mirrored animations in small windows. On my
486 DX2-66 and Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428 display card (attached to Vesa local bus) update of
a 256x256 window magnified by 2 (ie, source rect is 128x128) takes approximately 30 ms.
This time varies, off course when a different size window or different magnification is
used. If we chose 50 ms between updates we can get about 12.5 frames per second and still
let an animation program do it's work. It is possible to compile xzoom without X shared
memory support. In that case window update may be about 3 times slower (if we are using a
local display, using LAN is a different story).

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