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Free download Lockheed MAC 16 mini emulator Linux app to run online in Ubuntu online, Fedora online or Debian online

This is the Linux app named Lockheed MAC 16 mini emulator whose latest release can be downloaded as MAC-16.jar. It can be run online in the free hosting provider OnWorks for workstations.

Download and run online this app named Lockheed MAC 16 mini emulator with OnWorks for free.

Follow these instructions in order to run this app:

- 1. Downloaded this application in your PC.

- 2. Enter in our file manager https://www.onworks.net/myfiles.php?username=XXXXX with the username that you want.

- 3. Upload this application in such filemanager.

- 4. Start the OnWorks Linux online or Windows online emulator or MACOS online emulator from this website.

- 5. From the OnWorks Linux OS you have just started, goto our file manager https://www.onworks.net/myfiles.php?username=XXXXX with the username that you want.

- 6. Download the application, install it and run it.

Lockheed MAC 16 mini emulator


My first java program is an attempt to relive the days I spent maintaining a Lockheed Electronics Company minicomputer installation in an old electricity generating station.
I had a little bit to do with this machine around 1978. There was two of them in a failover configuration with the standby machine available for program and data development.
My goal is to get the development package called DEVSYS to run from a paper tape image that I have hung onto for all these years. The program has a co-resident line editor and assembler but has no real purpose for me after that is running.


  • B bootstrap, loads the PaperTapeLoader program into memory
  • C copying redistribution rights
  • E examine, dumps a 128 block of words with ASCII
  • G go, executes the emulator
  • L load, reads a file in bootstrap format
  • M memory change, for typing in 16bit words into memory
  • O opcode display, 16 words of memory with opcodes
  • P punch, writes to a file in paper tape bootstrap format
  • R read dump, loads into memory a memory dump
  • S single step, executes the emulator, with registers displayed
  • W without warranty warning
  • X or Q exits this program.

This is an application that can also be fetched from https://sourceforge.net/projects/lockheed-mac-16-mini-emulator/. It has been hosted in OnWorks in order to be run online in an easiest way from one of our free Operative Systems.

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