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p3d is a general data-reduction tool for use with fiber-fed integral-field spectrographs (IFSs); although, the spectrum viewer works with spectrum data cubes of any origin. The tool is built about the proprietary software IDL (Harris/EXELIS; see, but can be used without any license. Most slowly running loops are implemented in parallelized C (OpenMP).


  • p3d works on all platforms supported by IDL.
  • p3d can be used with full functionality without an IDL license.
  • Optimal extraction, including correction for so-called cross-talk.
  • Flux calibration can be done both interactively and non interactively.
  • Can correct data for differential atmospheric refraction.
  • Single images are cleaned of cosmic-ray hits - using IFS-specific approaches that work paricularly well with oversampled data.
  • Time-consuming tasks are implemented in (automatically) compiled C, using OpenMP.
  • Information on all operations are (optionally) saved to log files.
  • p3d currently supports thirteen IFUs - more can be added on request.
  • Calar Alto 3.5m / PMAS (LARR+PPAK, old and new CCD).
  • McDonald Observatory 2.7m / VIRUS-P (fiber bundles 1,2, and VP2.7).
  • McDonald Observatory 2.7m / VIRUS-W.
  • AAT 3.9m / AAOMEGA/SAMI (basic support, could be improved upon request)
  • AAT 3.9m / AAOMEGA/SPIRAL (blue and red arms).
  • ESO VLT/UT3 / VIMOS (all HR and MR-modes, old and new configurations).
  • ESO VLT/UT2 / FLAMES (the ARGUS IFU, and the two mini-IFUs).
  • BTA 6m / MPFS (the new CCD).
  • WHT 4m / INTEGRAL/SB1-3 (both the old and the new CCDs).
  • Gemini North and South 8m / GMOS-N and GMOS-S (one-slit modes).
  • ERA2 / An AIP integral-field spectrograph for life sciences.
  • Allows use of either a master-bias image or prescan and overscan bias regions.
  • The spectrum viewer can be used with all output of the "CALIFA" data-reduction pipeline.
  • The spectrum viewer accepts reduced data cubes of the MUSE pipeline (all sizes, RAM permitting; no args. required).
  • All IDL source files have the prefix p3d_, i.e. no interference with other IDL programs.
  • Output data cubes (ver. >=2.2) can be viewed with the ESO / CASA viewer.
  • Tutorials for: data-reduction, visualization, and p3d setup.
  • Contains tool to generate simulated data.



User interface

Console/Terminal, Other toolkit, Motif/LessTif

Programming Language

Unix Shell, C, IDL

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