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amuleweb - aMule web server


amuleweb [-h <host>] [-p <port>] [-P <password>] [-f <path>] [-q] [-v] [-l <lang>] [-w]
[-t <name>] [-s <port>] [-u] [-U <port>] [-z] [-Z] [-A <password>] [-G <password>] [-a |
-d] [-L] [--no-php] [-N]

amuleweb [--create-config-from=<path>]

amuleweb [--help]

amuleweb [--version]

amuleweb [--amule-config-file=<path>]


amuleweb manages your access to amule through a web browser. You can start amuleweb
together with amule(1), or separately, any time later. Options can be specified via
command-line or via config-file. Command-line options take precedence over config-file

[ -h <host>, --host=<host> ]
Host where aMule is running (default: localhost). <host> might be an IP address or
a DNS name

[ -p <port>, --port=<port> ]
aMule's port for External Connections, as set in Preferences->Remote Controls
(default: 4712)

[ -P <password>, --password=<password> ]
External Connections password.

[ -f <path>, --config-file=<path> ]
Use the given configuration file. Default configuration file is

[ -q, --quiet ]
Do not print any output to stdout.

[ -v, --verbose ]
Be verbose - show also debug messages.

[ -l <lang>, --locale=<lang> ]
Sets program locale (language). See the NOTES section for the description of the
<lang> parameter.

[ -w, --write-config ]
Write command line options to config file and exit

[ -t <name>, --template=<name> ]
Loads the template named <name>. See the SKIN SUPPORT section for details.

[ -s <port>, --server-port=<port> ]
Webserver's HTTP port. This is the port you must point your browser to (default:

[ -u ]
Enable UPnP.

[ -U <port>, --upnp-port <port> ]
UPnP port.

[ -z, --enable-gzip ]
Enables using gzip compression in HTTP traffic to save bandwidth.

[ -Z, --disable-gzip ]
Disables using gzip compression (this is the default).

[ -A <passwd>, --admin-pass=<passwd> ]
Full access password for webserver.

[ -G <passwd>, --guest-pass=<passwd> ]
Guest password for webserver.

[ -a, --allow-guest ]
Allows guest access.

[ -d, --deny-guest ]
Denies guest access (default).

[ -L, --load-settings ]
Load/save webserver settings from/to remote aMule. This causes amuleweb to ignore
command-line and config-file settings, and load them from aMule. When saving
preferences none will be written to the config file, but to aMule. (Of course,
this works only for those settings that can be set in aMule's Preferences->Remote

[ --no-php ]
Disable PHP interpreter (deprecated)

[ -N, --no-script-cache ]
Recompiles PHP pages on each request.

[ --create-config-from=<path> ]
Create config file based upon <path>, which must point to a valid aMule config
file, and then exit.

[ --help ]
Prints a short usage description.

[ --version ]
Displays the current version number.

[ --amule-config-file=<path> ]
aMule config file path. DO NOT USE DIRECTLY! aMule uses this option when starting
amuleweb at aMule startup. This option causes all other command-line and config-
file settings to be ignored, preferences to be read from the given config file, and
also implies the -q -L options.


For all options which take a <path> value, if the path contains no directory part (i.e.
just a plain filename), then it is considered to be under the aMule configuration
directory, ~/.aMule.

The <lang> parameter for the -l option has the following form:
lang[_LANG][.encoding][@modifier] where lang is the primary language, LANG is a
sublanguage/territory, encoding is the character set to use and modifier allows the user
to select a specific instance of localization data within a single category.

For example, the following strings are valid:

Though all the above strings are accepted as valid language definitions, encoding and
modifier are yet unused.

In addition to the format above, you can also specify full language names in English - so
-l german is also valid and is equal to -l de_DE.

When no locale is defined, either on command-line or in config file, system default
language will be used.


amuleweb is capable of displaying information in different skins. These skins are called
templates, and you can make amuleweb load a specific template via the -t command line
option. Templates are searched in two places: first in ~/.aMule/webserver/ and then in
/usr/share/amule/webserver/ if you installed with --prefix=/usr.

Each template must be in a subdirectory of the template name, and this directory must
contain all files the template needs.

Use amuleweb online using onworks.net services

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