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ANTLR - ANother Tool for Language Recognition, version 3


antlr3 [args] file.g [ file2.g file3.g ...]


ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition) is a parser generator for reading,
processing, executing, or translating structured text or binary files. It's widely used to
build languages, tools, and frameworks. From a grammar, ANTLR generates a parser that can
build and walk parse trees.

-o outputDir
specify output directory where all output generated.

-fo outputDir
same as -o but force even files with relative paths to dir.

-lib dir
specify location of token files.

generate file dependencies.

print out a report about the grammar(s) processed.

-print print out the grammar without actions.

-debug generate a parser that emits debugging events.

generate a parser that computes profiling information.

-trace generate a recognizer that traces rule entry/exit.

-nfa generate an NFA for each rule.

-dfa generate a DFA for each decision point.

-message-format name
specify output style for messages.

generate ANTLR version and other information.

-make only build if generated files older than grammar.

print the version of ANTLR and exit.

-language L
override language grammar option; generate L

-X display the list of extended arguments

print the grammar AST

-Xdfa print DFA as text

test lookahead against EBNF block exit branches

collapse incident edges into DFA states

dump lots of info during NFA conversion

use to restrict NFA conversion exponentiality

run the analysis in 2 threads

do not merge stop states

generate DFA states in DOT with NFA configs

print a message for each NFA before converting

put tags at start/stop of all templates in output

for nondeterminisms, list NFA states for each path

-Xm m max number of rule invocations during conversion [4]

-Xmaxdfaedges m
max "comfortable" number of edges for single DFA state [65534]

-Xmaxinlinedfastates m
max DFA states before table used rather than inlining [60]

-Xmaxswitchcaselabels m
don't generate switch() statements for dfas bigger than m [300]

-Xminswitchalts m
don't generate switch() statements for dfas smaller than m [3]

don't delete temporary lexers generated from combined grammars

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