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Ardesia - the free digital sketchpad


ardesia [options] [filename]


Ardesia is the free digital sketchpad. It is useful to make coloured free-hand
annotations with digital ink everywhere, record it and share on the network. You can draw
upon the desktop or import an image and annotate it and redistribute your work to the

Thanks to Ardesia you are free to open any application and fix your ideas and notes. You
can use the tool to make effective on-screen presentation, highlight things or point out
things of interest. The tool facilitates the online presentations and demos showing in
real time your computer screen to anyone in the network.

The tool facilitates the online presentations and demos showing in real time your computer
screen to anyone in the network. You can use this tool to enhance your lessons or courses
working with your preferred applications and your preferred operating system. Create nice
tutorial and demos saving the desktop images with your free hand annotations.

Ardesia uses the interactive Whiteboard Common File (iwb) an native document format, it
can export images into several standard image formats.


Ardesia accepts the following options:

-h, --help@
Show Ardesia command-line options.

-V, --verbose
Enable verbose mode to see the logs

-d, --decorate
Decorate the window with the borders

-g, --gravity
Set the gravity of the bar. Possible values are: east [default], west, north,


Any bugs found should be reported to the online bug-tracking system available on the web
at http://code.google.com/p/ardesia/issues/list. Before reporting bugs, please check to
see if the bug has already been reported.

When reporting Ardesia bugs, it is important to include a reliable way to reproduce the
bug, version number of Ardesia (and probably GTK+), OS name and version, and any relevant
hardware specs. If a bug is causing a crash, it is very useful if a stack trace can be
provided. And of course, patches to rectify the bug are even better.


The canonical place to find Ardesia downloads and info is at
http://www.cooglecode.com/ardesia. Here you can find links, data sets, mailing list
archives and more.


Pietro Pilolli


Copyright (C) 2009–2010 by Authors. Ardesia is free software; you can redistribute it
and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL.

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