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ascd - An AfterStep and WindowMaker CD player


ascd [ -help ]
ascd [ -version ]
ascd [ -themes ]
ascd [ -geometry geometry ] [ +/-withdrawn ] [ -device device ] [ -mixer device ] [ +/-a ]
[ +/-p ] [ +/-t ] [ +/-B ] [ -cue time ] [ -ti time ] [ -volume volume ] [ -mvolume volume
] [ -maxvolume volume ] [ -minvolume volume ] [ -fadestep value ] [ -theme theme directory
] [ +/-ia ] [ +/-up ] [ -showtitle ] [ -showartist ] [ -debug ] [ -save ]


ascd is CD player written to play audio CD's integrated in afterstep's Wharf module or
WindowMaker's dock. ascd handles mounted volumes, and opens and closes the tray.


-help, -h
print a list of commandline options and exit.


print the version number and exit.


print the list of installed themes and exit.

-geometry <geom>
specifies the geometry of ascd. The Geometry
works like the standard X-Window geometry option.

+/-withdrawn, +/-w
Turn on and off withdrawn mode. Use this option if
you use ascd with WindowMaker.

-device <device>
specifies the CDROM device which should be used by
ascd. If "-DNO_DEFAULT_DEVICE" was set at
compilation time this option will have no effect.

-mixer <device>
specifies the mixer device. Works only if mixer
support was enabled at compilation.

-cue <seconds>
specifies the time -in seconds- for intro scan
and cue modes.

-ti <seconds>
specifies the timeout for the help texts. The
default is 1 second.

+/-autoplay, +/-a
Turn on or off autoplay mode. When this is
turned on, ascd always wait for a CD, and play it
automatically when inserted.

+/-autoprobe, +/-p
Turn on or off autoprobe mode. This mode
checks for inserted CD. Default is on.

+/-autorepeat, +/-t
autorepeat mode: when ascd reaches the end of the
last track, the CD is not stopped and first track
is played.

This option is no longer supported.

-maxvolume <value>
Set the CD driver max volume.

-minvolume <value>
Set the CD driver min volume.

-volume <value>
Set the CD driver volume, between 0 and maxvolume.
Note that the -volume option in independant from
the mixer. It controls the drive, not the sound

-mvolume <value>
Set the CD driver volume for the mute mode.

-fadestep <value>
Set the fade in/out speed. Default is 5. Greater
values accelerate the fade.

-theme <theme dir>
Specify the visual theme to use.

When this option is enabled, AScd ignore the skip
orders found in WorkMan database and read all the
tracks of the CD.

When enabled, all the message (and the track title
display) are forced in uppercase.

Show the track title if found in WorkMan database.
If the message panel is not large enough, AScd
scrolls the title.

Add the artist name to the track title (-showtitle
option needed)

AScd verbose mode

Save all the settings and exit. Usefull to 'make' a
new configuration file: set all the stuff you want
to set and put -save as last commandline option.

ascd +w +a -device /dev/cd0c -save

Then, you just call ascd without arguments, it will
use the settings you just saved.

Use ascd online using onworks.net services

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